How to transition your wardrobe from Summer to Fall with Effortless Style

Hey there! It's still pretty warm out and all these sweaters in store just make me want to fall over from heat exhaustion! You feel me on that? But let me tell you there is a reason retailers make the switch to winter apparel in August... because once the weather turns, you will be glad you picked up your favorite color sweater a month in advance so its there when you need it. I have heard from many moms and busy gals alike telling me that if they wait further into the season, its hard to find exactly what it...

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Beat the heat in Summer Dresses!

Hey there friends! My shop is bursting with dresses! Lots and lots of dresses! WHY? Because rumor has it here in SoCal are temps are quickly going to hit 100+ degrees! I don't know about you but wearing jeans or anything not lightweight when it's that hot, is just asking for misery. I find that I pull out my dresses when the temps rise. My favorite new arrival is just what my summer wardrobe was asking for.. Comfy, knit, maxi dresses! (Pockets, included! #yourwelcome) What's even more exciting about a simple staple summer piece like these maxi dresses, is that...

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How to wear: Summer Beach Casual Style

Summer is upon us friends! I don't know about you, but I’m really excited for the change in season. I have been planning away with activities for my kids and entire family to stay active and enjoy the outdoors without melting away in the summer heat! But even if you don't have the entire summer to hang with family and friends, you can still channel that oceanside vibe without showing off all your goods. So I have put together a few tips for getting that casual beachy look you crave while still looking age appropriate and fun. Let’s talk shorts…The...

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Resell your clothes: How-to save money and get the most out of your wardrobe

closet organization how to purge my closet how to style make money from your closet resell your clothes

Hey there pretty lady! Have you ever thought about purging your closet but you have a hard time getting rid of items you are no longer wearing because you paid a pretty penny for it? I can relate! In my recent 5 Day Dream Closet Challenge, I go through how to properly purge and organize your closet PLUS show you how to find your ideal style. Day 1 of the challenge is all about purging your closet and getting rid of items that are no longer your style and that you are no longer wearing. There is a lot to...

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Dressing your Family for Easter Sunday

With Easter right around the corner, you want to make sure everyone in your family will look great! And being that you are going through all the trouble to make the kids look great and get a new ensemble for yourself, you know pictures are going to be a must! When thinking about how to ensure your family Easter pictures come out great, think about coordinating your outfits by color but not too matchy-matchy. We don't want you looking like you stepped out of an Easter advertisement. As a busy mom, you probably know what you like and don't like...

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