7 Trends & Colors You Can Expect to See in Spring 2020: Plus, How to wear them!

Classic Blue Color of the year Spring 2020

It's that time my friends...time to chat it up about the Pantone Color of the year & it's adorable little friends! If it seems like I'm speaking a foreign language, don't worry...I will explain. Those of you that follow me already will be more familiar but here's a quick breakdown. Pantone is the design industry's color predictor/standards for all creative industries. A more precise term I found on blog explained it perfectly... "The Pantone system is the standard language for color communication from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer."So why the heck should you care about this? Well, I think it's important to educate my...

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5 Gift Tips & Ideas for those Hard to Buy for People on your List!

It's crunch time ladies! Christmas is just around the corner and I am willing to bet you have your "easy" to shop for people crossed off the list. It starts to get stressful as you check off that list when you look and see that Uncle Bob and your Dad and your picky Aunt Mary are still haunting you because you have NO CLUE what to get them. Or maybe it's your sister and her know the ones that buy themselves EVERYTHING, the moment they want it. So what can you really gift to them that they don't already have?? Well,...

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The Family Photo Outfit Guide: 5 Steps to make sure everyone looks great!

It's that time of year!! Time for family photos! With the race to Christmas, you don't have too much time left to get those photos done and off to the printer for Holiday cards. But the one hang up I find most moms struggle with is What to wear for not only YOU but your entire crew! And it's hard enough just trying to decide what you are going to wear but then having to plan out 4-5 other peoples outfits! It's like trying to pack for a week long vacation except these outfits are going to be hanging on...

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The Fall Denim Guide for Moms: How to Find the Perfect Fit for your Body Type!

Jeans are a girls best friend...when you can find the perfect pair! But that search for the perfect fitting jeans can be super hard to find especially when you aren't sure what to look. So this week, I wanted to breakdown some basics for you about How to shop for denim and the different styles and cuts so that you can shop smarter by filtering out the styles that work don't work for your body type. If you don't know your body type, don't worry! You can still use this guide to help you find a great pair of jeans that you...

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Trend Alert: Navy is the New Black! How to wear it Now!

Did your mom ever tell you that "Black goes with everything"? Or maybe your fashionable aunt or the lady at the department store (when good service was actually a thing...) Well, here's the funny thing about that and about life in general...Nothing is ones sizes fits all. I actually don't wear much black at all! After discovering that my skin tone doesn't "play nice" with the cold stark contrast of black against it...I discovered other neutrals that worked better for me, like Charcoal & thank goodness, NAVY!! (PS: If you want to know more about what colors and neutrals best suit your skintone,...

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