Keeping the Magic: 5 Date Nights that Spark!

With all the craziness that comes with having a family, its so easy to lose sight of your other half. That person that made you want to have a family in the first place. I know when I met my husband, I was not even slightly interested in having kids. I was focused on my career and trying to become financially secure. Even though I am still that same person today, my husband was the man that evoked a passion in me that no one else will ever be able to do. So our children are here and we are...

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5 Tips on how to find the perfect swimsuit

mom swimsuits perfect swimsuit shopping tips swim swimsuit swimsuit guide

It's getting closer ladies... Swimsuit season!   (Photo Credit: We all do our best to prepare for it but it sneaks up on you like a bad habit. And I am not writing this so you can find the perfect swimsuit for your dream body. This is all about finding a suit that fits who you are now, in any shape or size, because, let me tell you... IT IS POSSIBLE TO FIND THE PERFECT SWIMSUIT! I know you think I'm kidding but its the absolute truth that you can find a swimsuit that you feel confident, sexy and...

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What to wear: 3 Days at a Music Festival

Coachella concert outfit ideas metallic tattoos music festival outfitting summer festivals sundress

So here in sunny Southern California, we have 2 HUGE Music Festivals that happen in April out in the desert near Palm Springs. You have probably heard of one or both of them even if you aren't local to this area. Thousands upon thousands of people flood into our towns for these weekend festivals to see their favorite artists and party the weekend away. It's typically outrageously hot this time of year in the desert with temps hitting in the 90's and even 100 degrees plus. So the young and not so young usually take the opportunity to dress as...

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A week without Jeans: Making the most of your wardrobe.

jeans pants print mixing prints shorts skirts style rut summer outfitting

Yes, really!! You can go a week without wearing your trusty jeans. This week on the blog, I will show you how to, one, make the most of your wardrobe and two, break out of your style comfort zone. So let's dive in and discover how amazing you can look and feel in something other than jeans. First up on the list of "jeans alternatives", Printed or textured pants. Being an ex-employee of Anthropologie, my mind always goes straight to this store for amazing pants. Now, Anthropologie isn't realistic for my budget so I either check out the sale section...

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My top 3 Must Have photos apps for editing and sharing Family pictures.

Easter family memories photo apps photo editing photo fun

There always seems to be a special Holiday or weekend moment that is the perfect photo opportunity. But what happens if you didn't pack "the nice camera"? Well, did you know there are some amazing photo editing apps that turn your smartphone photos from meh to breathtaking! Now I am no photographer but because I have this online boutique and styling studio, I have been forced to do some research on how to take good photos that generate a buzz on social media, general marketing and the like. So here on the blog today, I am giving you my top...

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