5 Tips to Stay Stylish in 100 Degree Heat!

It's HOT here in Southern California. We are at the beginning of the scorching 100+ degree weather. And when it's that hot out, all you can do is try to stay inside and stay hydrated. But don't give up on your style! Here's a few tips I have pulled together for you to stay on top of your style when you have to bare the heat. If you haven't already, stock up on basic fitted tees and tanks. Having great foundation/layering pieces will not only help to keep you cool but it keeps your summer style in check too. Try...

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DIY Summer Denim Cut-offs

Last week I posted the Essential Summer Style Checklist. I hope you had a chance to read it, if not just keep scrolling down and you will bump in to it. On that list, DENIM CUT OFF SHORTS! But the one thing I am not keen on spending a ton of money on is denim shorts. Why? Because they are really a seasonal item that is very specific for relaxing pool days and summer fun at the lake. And to be honest, I don't get many of those days so spending a fortune on cute denim shorts is not a...

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The Essential Summer Style checklist!

The kids are out of school. The graduation ceremonies are over and now for some FUN! Summertime is here and there is so much to do this summer but first, let's make sure you have everything you need to enjoy the summer in style. I have created the Essential Summer Checklist for your summer wardrobe needs. Now bare in mind, everyone's needs are a little different but this should give you a good place to start in your closet to make sure you are prepared for anything this summer brings for you. Starting from head-to-toe, here's a list and outfitting...

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Pampering yourself on a budget

Photo Credit International Day Spa in Redlands Ah, spa day! We don't get enough of those but there are ways to stay relaxed and still pamper yourself in between visits all while keeping your wallet happy. One of my favorites ways to feel amazing without spending a dime is an at home manicure! A bottle of new nail polish and some cuticle remover and your all set. This may sound ridiculous but I do my at-home manicures at night, after the kiddos go to bed. Wine is usually in attendance at this soiree, but do the drinking while the polish...

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Measure up and be an online shopping pro!

clothes shopping measurements online shop online

  We are ALL busy! Busy moms, busy career women, busy caretakers, busy being fabulous and taking care of all those who depend on us everyday. This is actually the core of why I started an online boutique. Ok, I know, there are A LOT of online boutiques! But why is it that it can be so hard to find cute clothes that aren't too young or too Coldwater Creek or too generic? When I was working my desk job just last year, I shopped online because I had no time for getting out to the mall. And when I...

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