Why You Have A Closet Full of Nothing to Wear and How to Fix this ASAP!

It starts with the 5 a.m. wake up call and it's time to get moving! The kids will be up soon, lunches to pack, coffee to pour and re-heat 10 times (you know you do it too). So when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, putting together a stylish outfit is usually not in the cards. 

I mean, workout pants are "sort of acceptable, right?". No. And you deserve better! You know you deserve better or you wouldn't be reading this article right now (#straighttalk). So why is it that something as simple as getting dressed, can be so difficult? Really if you break it down, how long does it really take you to put on a pair of pants and a top? Not longer that it takes to pull on those workout pants and tie up your old worn out sneakers. 

I can tell you that there are 2 things that are seriously wrong with your closet if you get up every morning with feelings of self doubt and just sheer "I don't want to care" attitude towards getting dressed.

1. You have TOO MUCH STUFF. Yep, I said it. (More on this in a minute, because it gets better). Don't worry, this is a not capsule wardrobe tutorial, because quite honestly, I find them extremely boring, but that's a topic for a whole other blog post. 

2. You LACK A SOLID PLAN for your wardrobe (not your fault, by the way). But a few good tips and one killer Pinterest board can point you in the right direction and save you a TON of money! 

Ok, so now that I have your attention...TOO MUCH STUFF & SAVE MONEY & TIME, I'm hoping your husband will grow to appreciate all that I am going to share with you too because I'm sure he wants his lady looking and feeling her best! Am I right? 

Let me start by diving into how we get caught up in this "A Closet Full of Nothing To Wear" cycle, even though we bought 3 dresses, 4 tops and 2 pairs of new jeans last month! It's part, not understanding how to shop, and holding on to every little piece in our closet even though our hearts are telling us otherwise. 

Being the amazing, wondrous, magnificent moms we all are, we have a tendency to overlook the "me" time. Prior to our cute little nuggets coming into this world, you had time to fix up your face and hair and buy all the cute things. Now you buy all the cute "little" things. It's easier to buy for them because everything fits and looks adorable on our children. Not to mention, we get frustrated with the process of shopping (especially with kids in tow) then get lost in the see of clothes that once excited us but now drains us just approaching the rack after rack of chaos. So then it becomes the "grab anything on the end cap at Target" mentality (bonus if its on sale) because I can grab it and go, and return it next week (or throw it in the back of the closet because its past the return date so I think I can love it...)

Well you get my point. After kids, you change. Your body is different. Not everything looks amazing on you anymore (or at least you feel that way about it) and you have precious little humans to worry and fuss over. So the closet takes a back seat and because you grab whatever on whichever sale rack at whatever store is convenient, you end up with a mis-mash of over-priced chaos in your closet. And you thought you were doing good shopping the sale rack?

Not all styles are created equal. If you put it on and it doesn't make you stand taller and your heart race with happiness, it probably shouldn't be in your closet anymore. We change when have life-altering moments, like getting married, having babies or just personal growth. But YOUR CLOSET SHOULD BE A CURRENT REFLECTION OF WHO YOU ARE TODAY! 

Not yesterday. Or tomorrow. TODAY! So if you are holding on to items from high school, pre-baby or any other timeframe of your life that just isn't you any longer...it's time to MOVE ON! Going through an intensive purge is crucial to getting a hold of your personal style and wardrobe so you can be the fabulous shining momma you really are! Because when we look good, we feel good. It's that simple. Those work out pants are not doing you any favors! I can promise you that! 

So how do get a hold of this chaos? Well, after you have a major PURGE PARTY (think SJP in Sex in the City..extra bubbly please!) then start a Pinterest board because here is where is gets good...

 1. Create a board and name it "{Your Name} Style Board" so mine is "Shannon's Style Board". 

2. Next, begin a search on Pinterest for keywords of styles you love. So maybe Boyfriend Jeans, or Outfits for Work Casual. Start somewhere that make sense for your current lifestyle. If you stay at home, you need more Daytime Casual looks that are easy to care for. If you are a working momma, Work looks. 

Once you enter a term, you can narrow the search using the options underneath the search bar giving you even more ways to get really specific on the kind of style you would love to have! 

 3. Select up anywhere from 20-50 pins of outfits that fit your lifestyle and make you get all Hearts Eyes on it! 

4. Time to access your style board. Look over the pins you have saved and what does it all have in common? What is there a lot of and not a lot of. Maybe you pinned a lot of lace dresses or poufy skirts but they are practical for your stay at home lifestyle. Or maybe you pinned a ton of pink but no outfits showing a balance of neutral colors. 

Then take this assessment to your freshly purged closet and start to figure out what is missing from your wardrobe that could make it more cohesive and closer to the styling and outfits you have saved on your board. In other words, jot down the things you need to make your Style Board come to life! 

SIDE NOTE: Treat your Style Board and your Closet like a living breathing thing. Just as you grow and change, your wardrobe should too! So keep adding to that style board as you see new trends that catch your eye or fun prints that make your heart flutter with excitement. Its a process. And this shouldn't be the only time you purge out your closet. Heck, I purge mine every few months! Why? Because I love clothes! I love to look and feel my best and not only do I deserve that, my family deserves the best version of me that I can give them! So why not look incredible while being the bad ass mom you are?!?

Am I making any sense at all in this rambling of a post? If not, post your questions. Likewise if I've struck a cord and share those Ah-Ha moments with me! 

Lastly, I want to give you a little more than you came with. How about a FREE 5 Day Video course all about How to purge and Organize your closet for hassle free outfits everyday? Sounds amazing, right? 

Well sign up below and start it NOW! My Dream Closet Challenge has help thousands of ladies get the closet of their dreams and better yet...turned their closets into the fashionable Mom Wardrobe ever! 

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