What to wear when it's cold outside but Target is carrying bathing suits...

Shannon Burns

Have you ever wondered why the heck Target and other major retailers carry bathing suits and shorts in JANUARY?!? Like what the heck is happening here..Am I right? 

Well, let me give you some industry insight as to WHY...then explain how best to SHOP & Dress for Transitional seasons like Winter to Spring...

First of all (at the time of writing this Blog post...Tuesday 1/7/20) Anthropologie officially released it's PRE-Shop for RESORT WEAR...This is because many people take cruises, go to Mexico or the Caribbean in early Spring to escape that cold weather. 

Early Spring is such a popular time to take a warm weather vacay that retailers stock up the shelves EARLY so you can grab the essentials for your upcoming trips. 

One thing I ALWAYS mention...is BUY SHORTS ASAP!! Because when you are DYING for a new pair of shorts in JUNE...most retailers will be SOLD OUT of the best styles and you are left with clearance'd out, ill fitting shorts, that no one wants. 

Did you just have a LIGHTBULB moment? Because you tried to buy shorts last summer and was like "How is this possible, no one has a good selection of shorts right now?" 

Well..#yourewelcome. Now you know...SHOP EARLY FOR SHORTS!!! I plan to have a FULL selection for you in FEBRUARY so stay tuned for that! 

But when it comes to dressing for Winter to Spring transition, you want to shop for 3 things:

  1. Pieces that are still cozy & warm but with a lighter or Spring color palette 
  2. Spring Blouses 
  3. Layers that you can wear with Spring pieces like Cardigans & Jackets

It's officially time to start LIGHTEN UP the colors, even if the fabrics are still medium to heavy weight. 

Here are some examples of sweaters we have in the shop that are lighter in colors (giving that Spring feeling) but also warm enough to wear right now...

This cardigan is what's called an eyelash sweater (AKA: Super cozy and soft) but it has a beautiful Ivory color with specks of black, pinks and blues for a soft Spring feel. 
This amazing Herringbone Sherpa lined Jacket is also warm, cozy and perfect to layer with tees, long sleeve tops and tanks as move into Spring. Again I love the mocha and ivory mixture, paired with tall boots for a great transitional outfit. 

Got that Boho Spirit? This Chenille Fringe Cardigan will pair perfectly for any season. Here we have it with rust tones but it could easily be paired with pinks, blues or any other great Spring color! 

Speaking of Spring...If you didn't catch the first of our New Pre-Spring items...here's what we are loving! 

Florals!! No surprise here but this amazing color story is the perfect way to kick up your wardrobe but be sure to add a great layer so you don't freeze before the sun starts to warm us back up again! 
This is also a great time to freshen up with any accessories such as printed scarfs, headbands and hair clips or even colored jewelry! 
My main point is this: Don't shy away from buying your favorite early Spring pieces NOW, because the selection is best earlier in the season. Be sure to STOCK UP on shorts, the pretty spring blouses and sandals as they are released in the stores. 

I see it every Spring not only as a consumer but a retail business owner..that the good stuff goes FAST! 

Be sure to join me in the VIP Group Page and help me shop for SPRING! We are heading to the Fashion tradeshows in early February and will need your help! 

And if you need help with a complete WARDROBE OVERHAUL, be sure to download my Mom Wardrobe Checklist to make sure you have the essential pieces in your closets to help build an effortless and stylish closet! 

Your Personal Style Coach & Fashionista Friend!

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