These 3 Under Garments will Solve All Your "I can't wear that" Problems!

Shannon Burns

How many times have you looked at an item in a store or online and way, that will show off (insert major insecurity here), so you don't even bother trying it on but you LOVE the way they look on other gals you have seen wearing that same item! 

#Guilty! This is something many of my clients struggle with and for good reason! No one wants to highlight their insecurities! We always want to show off our best assets right? Well, I have a secret for you... there is a way to FEEL GREAT in your clothes!

And no, I'm not talking about cutting off your circulation with a set of Spanx that runs from your neck to your ankles! Give your self more credit than that because chances are you barely need any smoothing out as it is!

The greatest SECRET to looking and feeling amazing is what you wear underneath your clothes! The 3 undergarments I am sharing with you today will solve the following fit and wearability issues that I most commonly come across with my clients:

1. White shirts a little sheer?
2. Clingy dress or skirt to the Mom Tummy
3. Clingy Tops on the Mom Tummy 
4. Spaghetti Straps and no way you are doing a strapless bra! 
5. Short hemlines on Dresses and Skirts   

Have you had one or more of these issues recently? Don't worry! I have some easy solutions that will help with ALL of these problems.

First let's talk about WHITE TOPS!!! This topic is tricky because I feel as though many women AVOID white tops to AVOID what really isn't too big of a hassle. 

With Bright White being a strong neutral for Spring 2020, you NEED to make sure you have an assortment of white tops in your closet. Also, for those that have kiddos...let me remind you....YOU CAN USE SPOT TREATMENTS CLEANERS!! Lol. I am teasing you a bit here but for heavens sake...when it comes to fashion, sometimes the minor inconveniences are just WORTH IT! 

And nine times out of ten, I don't end up with a stain on my white clothes because I am not scared of it even happening in the first place! So change your mind set and I promise the universe of Fashionistas will have your back! 

Ok, so back to the topic here...all you need is a great cami in Nude and White to cover all your White and Sheer Top issues! 

Again...this is super important for Spring and Summer seasons! 

(Click the Image to SHOP)

I have shared this one before but it's worth mentioning again in case you haven't invested in a great basic tank! 

Next. let's chat about SPAGHETTI STRAP TOPS!!! And dresses and jumpsuits or just not wanting to show off your arms. You need a good basic layering tee that doesn't have a ton of fabric so it's not bulky around your mid-section. 

Enter...THE LAYERING TEE!! #yourewelcome

(Click the Image to SHOP)

Wear this tee under dresses and jumpsuits to smooth the mid-section and hide bra straps under skimpy tank like tops or dresses. 

Easy right? BONUS: these work great under Spring Jackets and Cardigans too when you don't want all the extra fabric of a traditional tee. 

And lastly...this one may shock you a bit but I have shared tummy control underwear for YEARS to my clients that are struggling with mom tummy insecurities. 

So we found these gems that will serve more than just the mom tummy issue...

(Click the Image to SHOP

So the most important thing you need to take away from this week's Blog Post is that you have many more options than you think to wear the items you LOVE! 

Make sure that your wardrobe is properly stocked with great basics and you will never feel insecure about how or if you can wear something. 

I'm not a spanx fan (it's ok if you are) but these are lightweight basics that will serve you well throughout the Spring and Summer seasons and beyond! 

If you need more help with grabbing the right pieces for your Mom Wardrobe, make sure you download my Mom Wardrobe Checklist, HERE
Then read the full article HERE

Many Thanks for joining me this week! Ask your questions in our Facebook VIP Group Page and I will be happy to help you out! 

XO, Shannon 
Your Personal Style Coach

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