What I saw in Vegas...didn't stay in Vegas! 2020 trends you NEED to see!

Shannon Burns

RECAP!!!! As many of you know...I attend the MAGIC tradeshow in Las Vegas every 6 months. This show is where retail buyers and boutique owners (like me) can go to see a vast range of manufacturers and wholesale brands with the their latest styles. 

Many brands use these events to "test" new styles. Get feedback on what buyers really want/need in their stores. So sometimes, we order things at Market and we will never receive those styles if the vendor didn't get enough orders for them at the show. Which makes sense because if they don't have enough demand for something, it will quickly be canceled! (Because the fashion industry is brutal and FAST! Margins aren't what you would think for many retailers outside of the BIG ones like Walmart, Target and JCP). 

So I actually go off on a tangent here but I wanted to SHARE my Market experience on my blog this week because I think that its important to give you a behind the scenes look at how this whole eco-sphere works. 

The BEST and most important thing for YOU is what TRENDS are sticking around and what already is looking like its going to fizzle out! 

So here is my breakdown of the BEST trends that are going NOWHERE for 2020 and what you can casually ignore (to save you money and time for your closet) 

Five Trends for Spring: 

1. Boho is still going strong! 
From Smocked dresses, patchwork prints, and Flared Denim

2. Wider and Relaxed fit denim
Cropped flares with unique details, cuffed denim and relaxed fit silhouettes like Mom Jeans! 

3. Beautiful A-Line Skirts Paired with Vintage Graphic Tees

4. Tie-Dye!!! 
This isn't your normal tie-dye though! Its received a more grown up vibe and has gone more of an ombre to watercolor look as opposed to more traditional Spiral Tie-Dye patterns (although we say those too but those will fizzle out as fast you can say IG Influencer!) 

5. Eyelet, Ruffles and allll the Feminine Details! 

Trends you can LEAVE for the College kids this Spring include stiff cotton, boxy cut sweaters, 90's influence dresses with heart-shaped neckline, Crop tops, overly distressed shorts and jeans and brand new but DIRTY tennis shoes (yes these are a thing but I wouldn't recommend them, plus they run about $500 a pair!) 

Which trends are you loving from my Vegas trip? Hopefully most if not all of them! Many are already starting to arrive in our warehouse!

Check out my PRE-ORDERS tab to shop them NOW! 

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I'm here for you momma!
Your Personal Style Coach 

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