Wear the damn DRESS, Lady! Why moms make excuses to stay frumpy and how you can avoid it

Wear it! Just wear it! I know, I know...You have littles. They spit up, stain things, break things, make messes and you really can't even think about having to clean another damn thing! Especially that new splurge of a dress you just bought, which you are saving for the next unplanned date night that may never happen if you don't put it in the calendar and your babysitter doesn't cancel on you.

I get it momma! I KNOW how all this happens. Your tired, frustrated with trying to keep everything together but I'm here to tell you that if you don't, WEAR THE DAMN DRESS, today...You may never wear it...

As moms, we are great at putting everyone else first. We change our wants and needs to meet the demands of our family. And while this is an admirable trait...Is it really serving us? No one is going to come pat you on the back everyday and say, "Hey, nice job being a total rug for everyone that asks something of you". This doesn't make you a better mom, it makes you a miserable mom.

Being a mom and a personal stylist for moms..I can point you out in the grocery store. That faded t-shirt. Those over-washed "comfy" leggings that are making your ass look lumpy (sorry I had to say it). Now I'm not judging here, so please don't misunderstand my mini rant. My heart breaks for these moms. I want to run up to her and give her a hug. Tell her that I see her beauty through the frumpy mom uniform. But more importantly...I want to tell her she is WORTH IT!

WORTH that beautiful dress that she will tell me, she has no place to wear it to. WORTH the high end designer jeans that she refuses to pay $200 for because "its a waste". But it is? Is it a waste to love yourself? I mean, $200 jeans aren't going to fix all your problems but let me tell you...once you see how good your rear looks in those yummy jeans and your husband grabs your ass for the first time in months...its WORTH IT!

Its WORTH it to pay more than $5 for tanks tops that you wear out! Its WORTH it to buy new sandals every summer, in every color that makes your heart skip a beat. Your WORTH it to wear the "fancy" things to the grocery store. I mean who the hell really knows that you aren't heading out to a fancy champagne brunch right after? They DON'T! So stop giving a crap what others will think about you and wear what makes people STARE!

Here are a few things I do for ME, GUILT FREE, and I put them in my calendar as appointments. Because if I don't, its the first thing I will skip. And when I stop committing to my self worth... that is when my kids start acting crazy, my husband and I start picking at each other, the dog loses her damn mind and everyone becomes miserable. Trust me, its real! But you can avoid it by taking some YOU time every week. Maybe 4 times a week! Whatever you need, momma, you DO YOU!

  • I get my hair done. Every 7 weeks. Period. I NEVER miss an appointment. EVER!
  • I get my nails done. Every 3 weeks.
  • I have a simple but effective beauty routine and I treat myself to a new trending beauty product every once in a while.
  • I get facials 4 times a year and a massage here and there as needed.
  • Lastly...I wear whatever makes my HEART SKIP A BEAT! That may be overly destroyed boyfriend jeans and a tank. It maybe the new jumpsuit I bought for an evening event that has already past, but I loved the way it made me feel, so I wore it more casually for daytime and did sandals instead of heels.

Make your style fit your lifestyle. But don't give up on your style because of your lifestyle. Let that sink in for a minute. (You may want to re-read that sentence a few times)

Make sense? You can make workout clothes look cute. Heck, as I'm writing..I'm wearing my sweating gym clothes but they match, my hair is pulled back, I washed my face, and I look pretty darn cute. I refuse to give up on my style just because I got sweaty, spit up on or had a date with Netflix and my couch.

Throw out those frumpy lounge clothes and STOP letting it dictate how you feel about your life. Chose to be a stunner. Chose to be beautiful. Chose to be you!



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  • WELL SAID!!!!!????? THAT is why I wear lipstick EVERY day. Going out or not!!!!!

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