The Ultimate Mom Wardrobe Checklist for Endless Cute Outfits!

Shannon Burns mom fashion wardrobe checklist

You have probably seen something like this before floating around on the internet..."Get the ULTIMATE Wardrobe Checklist" and solve all of your wardrobe struggles!'s the TRUTH, a checklist isn't going to solve all of your fashion struggles. BUT, we can create a baseline for your your closet + teach you how to dress for your shape and THAT can truly make a difference in your life! 

So while I know this checklist may not solve all of your concerns when it comes to your wardrobe, it is a START to help get you on the right path for creating cute outfits, effortlessly and feeling a little less like a #HOTMESS when it comes to mommyhood. 

Does that sound good to you? Let's dive in! 

Ok, so first things first, if you haven't read my Blog Post "How to Purge your Closet in 5 Simple Steps" you may want to book mark that and give it a quick read (it's short, I promise!) 

Once you have taken what I like to call an "inventory" of what you have in your closet, my simple checklist can be used to make sure you are stocking your closet with the RIGHT PIECES to give you endless options when you get dressed every morning. 

So if you are tired of feeling like you can't get dressed in the morning without insane amounts of mental energy and loads of try-ons, then you NEED to go through and ensure you have a BALANCED wardrobe for REAL LIFE! 

SIDE NOTE: The LBC MOM Wardrobe Checklist is made for REAL LIFE! Not some fancy-schmancy French Girl Life Wardrobe that makes no sense for someone with children. (#you're welcome) 

You may need to add another category for workwear or anything specific about your lifestyle that needs to be included in your closet but this list will give you a good overview of what maybe missing in your closet & give some insight to WHY you struggle putting together cute outfits. 

I have broken this checklist into 8 categories from Wardrobe Basics like a Clothing Steamer (find the one I recommend HERE) to accessories, denim and shoes! 

Ready to get started assessing your wardrobe and setting it up for cute outfit success?!? 

One last thing before you go...SHARE your results and tips & tricks in our VIP Group Page! We have over 4,000 amazing mommas that ready to help you every step of the way! 

XOXO! Shannon 

COMING SOON: How to Dress for your Mom Bod Shape and much more! Every Sunday on the LBC Mom Blog! #your're welcome. 

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