The Family Photo Outfit Guide: 5 Steps to make sure everyone looks great!

Shannon Burns

It's that time of year!! Time for family photos! With the race to Christmas, you don't have too much time left to get those photos done and off to the printer for Holiday cards.

But the one hang up I find most moms struggle with is What to wear for not only YOU but your entire crew! And it's hard enough just trying to decide what you are going to wear but then having to plan out 4-5 other peoples outfits! It's like trying to pack for a week long vacation except these outfits are going to be hanging on your walls for the next year, so the pressure can feel even more intense! Am I right?!?

Here are my best TIPS to help walk you through the process behind How I help my clients put together family photos outfits that will make everyone look and feel their best! 

Let's dive in: 

1. Decide on a color scheme, location & if its going to be more of a casual or dressy vibe. 

2. Figure out your outfit FIRST, then plan the rest of the family. Decide weather you want to wear a solid or print. If you fall in love with a printed blouse for you to wear, then you can pull from the colors in your top to coordinate the rest of the family's outfits. 

3. Many of the families I have outfitted, the men are usually wearing jeans or casual slacks. A simple button up or pullover sweater is typically an easy way to outfit the men, without having them feel uncomfortable. If your man, loves to wear a jacket and tie, then by all means have him put on his best if that's how he likes to put himself together. 

4. Add some texture with by putting a cardigan over one of your kids outfits & play with pops of color in the accessories. 

5. Finally, find balance in the numbers. So if you have a family of 5, put 2 of you in prints and the other 3 in solid colors. If you have a family of 4, do 2 in prints, 2 in solids and add one piece of textured clothing on one person to give some visual interest. (See examples below) 

This first mood board is using the jumpsuit with the main color, burgundy, and using the navy as a secondary color.

Notice the prints are all different sizes...making sure to not overwhelm the entire family with too many large scale patterns. You really should only have one bold print and then pop in smaller scale prints for subtle details that still give interest but that don't take away from your families beautiful faces. 

This is also what I mean by adding some texture with the solid colored items. The navy sweater adds some interest and coordinates with all the other outfits without feeling too plain like a navy long sleeve t-shirt. 

Use a warm toned neutral to balance it all (refer to the camel colored boot) and of course having some denim to ground everything. 

This second example is more of a cool color story with the greens, blues and grays. Using gray as the primary color from my "textured" knit cardigan, I would put the hubs in a simple gray button up and let the kids have some fun prints

Notice that cute little dino print shirt (top left)...if your little ones have some wild personalities, don't be afraid to have fun with it!  

Again, I have mixed large and smaller scale prints in a similar color story to play off of each while not overwhelming the people in the photos. 
The color block vest (top right) gives some structure to the other prints and brings everyones looks together. 

BONUS TIP: Make sure everyone is staying true to who they are! If your family is uncomfortable in what they are wearing, your photos won't come out as authentic or true to who you all are naturally. 

Feel free to Make a Mood Board of your selections while you are shopping around. I am a visual person so I find that creating a mood board is super helpful! Head to and sign up for a free account. Then search templates for mood boards! The one I use above is called "Pastel Themed Natural Plants Mood Board". Feel free to enter that in the search bar on canva and start plugging in screenshots of your fashion finds to make sure they are going to give you the look you are going for! 

Let me know if this blog post was helpful by COMMENTING below! I would love to take your questions here too OR join my FREE Style Community on Facebook & ask your questions directly in our group! 

Wishing you a wonderful, Stress FREE, Holiday season ahead!
XO, Shannon 

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