The Fall Denim Guide for Moms: How to Find the Perfect Fit for your Body Type!

Shannon Burns

Jeans are a girls best friend...when you can find the perfect pair! But that search for the perfect fitting jeans can be super hard to find especially when you aren't sure what to look. 

So this week, I wanted to breakdown some basics for you about How to shop for denim and the different styles and cuts so that you can shop smarter by filtering out the styles that work don't work for your body type. 

If you don't know your body type, don't worry! You can still use this guide to help you find a great pair of jeans that you will love to wear on the regular! 

Ok so let's get started, BASICS First! Here is what you need to know about jeans: 
  1. Your Perfect Rise 
  2. Your Perfect Inseam
  3. The Perfect Style/Cut of Jeans
  4. The Perfect Fabric Content (this is my secret sauce, wink, wink) 

The RISE of the your Jeans is the measurement of the seam where the button and zipper are located. 
Standard Rise measurements are currently running like this: 

  • Low-Rise (which is hardly seen right now): 7.5-8 inches
  • Mid-Rise: 8.5-9 inches 
  • High Rise: 9.5-11 inches 

Many online stores and on the Tag of the garment will note the rise. 
The Second important technical detail you need to pay attention to is the INSEAM. 

You maybe more familiar with the Inseam because this is simple the length of the jeans from crotch to hem (or where they fall at your ankle). 

Standard Inseam lengths are as follows: 

  • Cropped/Capri Length (very uncommon & hard to wear for most women) : 25-26 inches 
  • Ankle Crop Length (super on trend and easy for most to wear): 27-28 inches
  • Full length Denim: 29-30 inches 
  • Boot cut to Flared Denim: 32-34 inches

NOTE: Standard inseam lengths may not work for you if you are petite OR you have shorter legs. In this case, you either shop petite denim brands OR you have regular denim hemmed by your tailor. (Totally worth it to have them hemmed if you find a pair that fit you perfectly in the waist and hips) 

NEXT...Once you know the important measurements to note, you need to look at the different styles of denim. I have put together some graphics to illustrate the different styles that I currently carry. Although denim styles change slightly all the time so please note that these are just examples of what you can find and an overview what to expect for fit. 

The Skinny Jean is the most common and quite honestly, if you don't already have a pair, I'm sure where you have been shopping for jeans! All major retailers that carry denim will have a variety of skinny jeans. 

The BENEFITS of a good Skinny Jean is that these work on ALL BODY TYPES. If you are thicker through the mid-section (AKA: Pear Shaped), you will want to stick with more of a mid-rise skinny jean. 

Skinnies come in everything from mid-high rise, Ankle Crop to Full Length + cool hemline details like zippers, frayed hems, straight cut hems and all different colors and washes. 
The Mom Jean is a Flashback from the 80's and 90's trending look but don't shy away from these. The Modern Update of the Mom Jean are actually super comfy and easy to wear. 

Try these on if you are looking for a more relaxed skinny jeans for everyday wear. These will typically be a high rise and look best with an ankle crop length (in my opinion) 

The Colored Denim is so FUN!! This is a great alternative to getting stuck in a "denim rut". I think it's important to have a variety of denim in styles you love but adding a colored jean to your closet is a super easy way to mix it up and not feel like you are always wearing blue jeans.

We carry the style pictured above in 3 colors and more to come for the Spring Collection too! 
The Flared or Bootcut Denim can be harder to find the right fit. Most of my clients are Petite so we don't carry flared denim, typically. BUT I love a good flared or bootcut denim. These are great for curvy girls because they really show off your shape well! 

If you are pear shaped, this is probably the style of jeans you get the most compliments on while wearing them. I have an athletic body type and I even get allllll the compliments when i rock flared jeans and some boots. So don't limit yourself to giving these a try if you aren't the body types mentioned above. 
The Boyfriend Jean has always been one of my favorites! It works well on my body type + it has a sort of cool, modern casual vibe that I am drawn to. 

The boyfriend jean is a more relaxed fit style but is harder to pull off if you are petite. So that's why they make Girlfriend jeans too! 

The Girlfriend Jean is similar to a Boyfriend style but fits more like a skinny jean. So these work well on more body types than a true boyfriend jean. 

LOVE OUR SELECTION OF DENIM? Shop my in stock styles HERE! 

Ok now it's time for my SECRET SAUCE!!! Are you ready for this? 

When it comes to shopping for jeans, you need get a little more "geeky". Fabric Content is THE most important thing I look for when bringing in a new line of denim for my clients. 

It must contain a blend of Cotton, Polyester, Rayon and Spandex. 
And typically in that particular order. This rule is not an always as we have other blends of denim fabrics that are equally as amazing but if you are looking for THE PERFECT JEANS, follow this formula. 

Your dark non-distressed skinny jeans that you wear most, should have this combo or something similar and I can bet they will be the most comfortable jeans you have ever put on! #yourewelcome

Which jeans do you love to wear the most? COMMENT below and tell me what you have found to be true when it comes to denim shopping. 

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! If you want MORE inspiration or help with your denim shopping, JOIN my VIP GROUP on Facebook! Over 4,000 amazing women are ready to help you SHINE! 
See you there! 
XO, Shannon 

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