Stop Posting Self Love Memes & Get your Head Straight!

Shannon Burns

Ok, ladies...this is a personal piece that I just had to sit down and write out for this week. 

Pretty girls aren't just born naturally pretty. They WORKED at being pretty! No matter their size, genetic disposition, skin color or physical defects, we all have it in us to SHINE!! 

But what are you telling yourself daily that keeps you from TRYING?!? Stop letting lame MEMES about tacos, give you the OUT for taking care of your body! 

YES, TACOS ARE AMAZING!! lol! But if its keeping you from reaching your goal weight and feeling better about yourself, then STOP EATING TACOS!! 

I use weight as an example because most people want to get healthier, lose weight, feel better, etc, etc. One thing you need to if you aren't HAPPY & CONFIDENT at your current weight, then what makes you think you will be happy at your goal weight? 

Yes, you will have more energy, you will feel better and probably feel more confident, but this is only 1 piece of the "Happiness Pie". 

Now, let me say this...not all pretty people are HAPPY! She just takes more time to get ready in the morning, lol! But all these "pieces" make up the WHOLE of people who are REALLY PRETTY! 

I mean like, the girl you would have never thought to be Instagram Worthy. Then she became your best friend and now she is the most beautiful person you know! 


People always say to me, "Yeah but your Skinny" or "Everything Looks Amazing on You". NO IT DOESN'T!! I just know what I feel best wearing and how to dress my "14 year old Boy" body so I can show up as the BEST version of me, everyday! 

Granted, when my hair is styled and my makeup is done, I feel more like me and confident to put my best foot forward, but these are just tools to help me feel my best.

So if I have the TOOLS, why wouldn't I use them EVERYDAY?!? 

Make time to INVEST in using the TOOLS or putting together a great wardrobe that you LOVE or getting up early to workout EVERY MORNING (like I do). 

We make sacrifices for the things we want most and I am willing to FORCE myself to SHOW UP in order to find my HAPPIEST, Most CONFIDENT MOMENTS in life, even when I don't feel like it! 

And when those moments happen, I work hard to CHOOSE to enjoy it! 

We can CHOOSE happiness and Joy, EVERYDAY! Some days are harder than others and everyday can't be perfect, but when you find yourself getting caught up in sharing every BAD detail of your day's time to STOP, think about what you are SAYING and turn it around to know what, today wasn't that bad! And list 3 things that went AMAZINGLY WELL!! 

Great things happen everyday. Just like how YOU are PRETTY everyday too! But are you choosing to SHOW UP for YOURSELF and let your PRETTY SHINE?!? 

For Moms its easy to put our kids, husband, house, neighbor, friend and the dog before we our own happiness, but the one thing many women don't realize about self care is that it is NOT SELFISH!! When you show up for yourself everyday, you can actually do MORE FOR OTHERS because you feel better. 

When we invest in our selves we have MORE TO GIVE! And giving to others feels great, right? After all it's what Moms do best! 

So here's my point in this week's post, I want you to stop making excuses for the things YOU WANT! Whether it's working out, finding a better nutrition plan, getting fully dressed and put together everyday or finally setting a water drinking goal and crushing it...go actually do something that makes you feel more amazing and BE CONSISTENT with it! 

I can write all day about how you should do Y or Z but if you make a COMMITMENT to yourself to CHANGE YOUR HABITS, you will find that the ability to SHINE and others will take notice to that. 

When others start to notice your HAPPINESS, it encourages them to TAKE ACTION for what they want most out of life! Being HAPPY is CONTAGIOUS and that is one of the BEST ways we SERVE all around us, by showing up and SHINING! 

I hope my message resonates with you this week and not about how you cane make your life more perfect. But more about how can you find more JOY and truly be happy! 

It's something I am working on daily. It's not easy. My life isn't perfect. But maybe if I just laugh a little bit more about the imperfect & have faith that I can always find a solution to my problems...then I can be happy. Makes sense, right? 

COMMENT below with your thoughts on self care and self love. Are you letting your self care fall to the waste side? 

What can you COMMIT to today that will make you feel more confident and happier than you were yesterday? 

Wishing you a beautiful week ahead!

XO, Shannon 

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