How to Purge your Closet in 5 Simple Steps!

Shannon Burns

Its that time of year friends! Time to PURGE YOUR CLOSET!!!

Oh New Year... How we have such high hopes for you every year. Well this year, we aren't going to let the excuse of "I have a closet full of nothing to wear" get the best of us! 

Before I dive into the 5 Steps to a Simple Closet Clean Up, I think its important to break down some simple mindset tips to be sure you are set up for success! 

When to purge: 

You should purge out your closet at least twice year. Here in SoCal, its appropriate to do this at the beginning of the year (after winter purge) and again in July/August before you start to buy Fall/Winter items. 

But many women don't PURGE ENOUGH when they go through their closets for fear of the "What if I need it again?" or "It was such a splurge and I LOVED it for years so I hate to get rid of it". Or "What if I lose/gain back the weight"

While I am a positive thinker and love all the what if's...BUT you are doing yourself a dis-service when you let these "excuses" keep you from truly cleaning out your closet. (This is my tough love talk #sorrynotsorry)

Here is how you should be thinking about your closet before we dive in... (Consider this your goals list)

  • Your clothes should make you feel happy! Every item you chose to keep in your closet should excite you because you know when you wear that FEEL amazing in it! (It's ok if a basic tank doesn't excite you but you need that too! I'll into that more in a few..)
  • Clothing has an expiration date!!! If you loved it when you were a size 6 but now you are a size 10...chances are that style will be outdated and not exciting for you when you finally get back to being a size 6. So GET RID OF IT!! Reward your hard work with NEW clothes that refresh YOU and make you excited to get dressed in the morning. 
  • Your closet should feel like walking into a beautiful retail store every morning! Organize your closet for beauty (and not this isn't done in vain! It's done for JOY!). 

  • Balancing out your basics versus statement pieces is KEY for effortless outfits every morning (Again, more on this later...) 

  • GRUBBY CLOTHES are NOT a thing and you DON'T need them!! You should have NOTHING in your closet that is pilling, has holes in it or is damaged of any kind...even if you use them to paint or do messy activities that may ruin the not keep clothes to lounge in or exist in that are damaged!! You are WORTH more than that! 

    So lets get started...

    I need you to BE RUTHLESS through this process! Can you do that? Make me a promise, right now! I promise, I won't steer you wrong! 

      Step 1- Make 4 piles 

      • Pile #1: I love these items. They FIT me well and I wear them on repeat! Keep.
      • Pile #2: I want to keep this but I am not sure why
      • Pile #3: These items don't fit me or my style- DONATE THEM! 
      • Pile #4: These items have been well-loved and are no longer in good condition- THROW THESE OUT! 

      Step 2- Put Pile #1 back in your closet 

      Step 3- Try on all your Pile #2 items. Then sort them into one of the other piles you have created. 

      • Anything that fits weird or is uncomfortable and it keeps you from wearing it, put in Pile 3. (No matter how much you feel you love it!)
      • If you are unsure about an item, take a Photo and send it to your BFF for advice OR post it in our Style Group on Facebook and get INSTANT FEEDBACK from me and my team of fashionista mommas! (We are a no-judgement zone so don't be shy!) 

      Step 4- DONATE your Pile #3 and DO NOT WAIT!! Do not let it sit in your car for a month either! If you hang on to are likely to put that stuff back in your closet. 

      Step 4.5- If you have gently worn, unworn LBC items, be sure to join our Buy, Sell, Trade Group on Facebook and try to re-sell them. Likewise with any other brand name items.

      Step 5- Put your Pile #4 in the Trash Bin and have a glass wine while sitting in your spacious new Closet! 

      Bonus Step #1:
      Don't forget to apply this same process to your Accessories and Shoes!! If you are missing an earring...let the mis-match GO! If your sandals or tennis shoes are looking "well-loved" beyond repair..TOSS THEM!! 

      Shoes are like clothes and they may only last a season or two until its time to REFRESH and find your next favorite pair! 

      BONUS Step #2: Tune in NEXT WEEK for my FREE Download "Spring Wardrobe Checklist for Busy Moms" 

      This is a plain and simple break down of How to purge your closet 

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          This is a great “how to” checklist for everyone to use (husbands included- lol)! I may have to revisit my closet again to double check some keep items! Thanks Shannon!

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