MYTH BUSTER: You can wear white denim after Labor Day + How to Style it Perfectly!

Shannon Burns White Denim

Ever wonder if those "Style Rules" still apply? You know the ones your Mom, Aunt and Grandma used to tell you about which colors are appropriate to wear when? 

Well, I will say this...back in the day, it used to matter! And I am pretty old fashioned in certain ways, like how I wish some things just stayed like they were. Rules were simple and most people just followed them and were respectful to one another BUT it lacks creativity and really...what is a world without creativity? 

I think the most important thing to state about old "rules" is that no one makes the RULES for you!! YOU make the rules! And as long as you aren't hurting someone else, its perfectly fine. But let's be rarely actually HURTS anyone unless too much skin is showing & it makes your dog blush, lol! 

Moving on to the topic at hand because its Labor Day rule everyone still talks about is "No White after Labor Day". And while I feel like you already know the answer to this I figured I would take a moment to chat about how to Style White Denim after Labor Day. 

The way you wear White Denim in Spring is definitely different from how you can wear it in the winter. 

A quick overview of How Wear White Denim in the Spring is with lighter colors and a cool denim jacket. Easy and effortless color pairings or paired with florals and uplifting prints. 

Come Fall its a different story all together...Here are a few of my favorite looks for wearing white denim from Summer to Fall transition...


But don't disregard your White Denim wardrobe "staple" too early! Pair white denim with your favorite sweaters and jackets! 

I haven't photographed these NEW items in our shop with white denim just yet, but these would be some amazing pairings for winter white denim...

While this isn't an overly complex topic this week, I think its important to document some ideas for pairing white denim so you can refer back this article when you feel "stuck" or you feel like you "can't" wear white. 

White Denim is a STAPLE in your wardrobe and it's included on my LBC Mom Wardrobe Essential Checklist for the single reason that white denim is CLASSIC, Crisp and easy to style year round! 

And taking from one of my VIP Group Clients..."Don't let your kids, dog or anyone else dictate what you can and can't wear!" (Thanks Veronica! You're a rockstar!) 

Anything can be cleaned, washed, lint rolled and taking that small effort to make sure you look and feel your best will SERVE you well day in and day out because YOU ARE WORTH IT! 

Be sure to take advantage of my Labor Day Clearance Sale too where you can snag my White Stretch Bermuda shorts on SALE plus get $20 bucks off your order when you add $100 or more to your cart from our Sale section! No code needed!

If you loved this weeks post, LEAVE a COMMENT below and tell me what is really resonating with you. Thanks for giving it a read this week!

Until next week...XO, Shannon! 

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