My 5 Secrets to looking pulled together Everyday: A Busy Mom Guide for Real Life!

Shannon Burns

As moms and modern day women, life is COMPLICATED & BUSY!! Weather you are trying to make a better future for your family or just trying to survive daily CAN look and feel better about how you present yourself! 

(Not to mention, you DESERVE to look & feel your best! I say this a lot because women need this reminder on the daily, in my opinion)

Do you feel STUCK in workout clothes or lacking the motivation to pull together stylish looks? 

Maybe you feel pressed for time? (That's totally me!) Or maybe you just feel so overwhelmed by the idea of entering your closet and having to THINK about what goes with what.  It can be overwhelming and exhausting leading us to complete and utter defeat!  

But we aren't quitters, right? This week on the blog, I am here to share My 5 Secrets For How to Look Pulled Together, everyday, no matter your circumstances! 

This is STEP 1 because its super important that you do this...with NO EXCUSES!! You WORTH MORE than clothes that are faded, pilled, torn, ill-fitted and down right grubby! 

So YES, I am talking about your husbands t-shirt from high school (because EW! Who knows what is lingering that fabric) and anything else that KEEPS you from wearing the better clothes in your closet. 

You may be asking..."But what about when I'm lounging at home? No one sees me anyways so what's the big deal? I need a few comfy things to relax in." 

My Answer: YES you do need comfy lounge clothes but its time to be a grown adult and buy REAL lounge clothes that match (like in a set) and you can throw on quickly to feel amazing in. But please make sure you have a few sets that you can rotate. You don't need an arsenal of mis-matched non-sense so you can lounge everyday, all day in glorified pajamas.

I don't care what mom meme you have been reading but lounge clothes are not for everyday, all day wear! 

PS: Need a major Closet Purge? Read my Blog Post on How to Purge your Closet in 5 Simple Steps. 

What I mean is...yes wash your face, etc, etc, etc...but something that often goes to the waste side is getting your hair cut on a regular basis!!

Heres my trick to make sure I NEVER let my hair get out of control...When you are at your hair appointment...BOOK your next appointment before you leave! Put it in your calendar and DO not let anything get in the way of making sure you maintain your mane! 

Feeling pulled together is MORE than just clothes. Its your overall "glow" and maintenance that will make being pulled together become a HABIT. Read that need it to become a HABIT! 

Now one point I have to mention...this is not for VANITY alone. This is for your SELF CONFIDENCE, OVERALL WELL-BEING & Happiness. You are a BETTER you when you make your self care a priority. 

 I have taught this EASY outfitting tip for years because it WORKS!

  • Grab one item with PRINT or texture
  • Grab another piece that is a neutral or STAPLE piece like a denim jacket or your favorite black pants
  • Then add at least one ACCESSORY to finish the look. 

Simple, right? #yourewelcome

When you feel stuck, revisit this quick tip to get past your insecurities about putting together the perfect outfit. 

Here are some examples from my shop that illustrate how this simple tip works!

Get bag for all the things that you can COUNT on for everyday use. You need your things available for quick get up and go. The right bag (even if it is in addition to your purse) will make sure you have everything you need for your busy day ahead. 

You maybe wondering how this contributes to looking pulled together...well, let me tell you...there is less appealing then being a dissolved hot mess and not being able to find what you need when you need it. So keep your purse/bag tidy and ready for anything the day can throw your way! 

If you have littles...make sure you have separate bags for your personal items and for theirs. I love carrying a backpack for my work items (and when my kids were little, I used it as a diaper bag) 

Make sure your handbag has some style and grace like our NEW Camo Quilted Bag with all the pockets! Its also the perfect size so you don't weigh yourself with too much. Too big of a handbag can really cramp your style and happiness.  


Stop being afraid of "what if this doesn't work for me".

Do you think the outfit you tried on is going to cry later because you didn't give it the final go ahead? NO! So don't get so emotional and insecure about weather or not you have it right.

You wear what makes you feel good! 

Does the outfit make you stand taller? When you put it you think "Heck Yes!" That's when you know have made real progress! Its about fighting the nasty voice in your head, telling you can't do it. 

Need some added confidence? Post your outfit selfies in my VIP Group Page! I am always there to help you work through those insecurities + I will ALWAYS tell you the truth. Sometimes it the tiniest shift to an outfit that can make alllll the difference in the world!  

 I hope this week's blog topic has been helpful and inspirational for you. If you love what you see here and want more, make sure you check back every Sunday for NEW Blog Posts! 

COMMENT below with your thoughts or questions. Until next week...

XO, Shannon 



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