Jumpsuits for Moms: How to Shop for one, Style One & Bathroom Breaks...

Shannon Burns


When it comes to wardrobe essentials, the Jumpsuit is now considered a STAPLE item for your wardrobe. 

Jumpsuit skeptic to jumpsuit enthusiast, I am breaking down How to get the proper fit and why jumpsuits make a great addition to your Mom Wardrobe!

-----> First off, let's get your main concern out of the way..."But How do I go to the bathroom in that thing?" 

My Answer: If you buy the right jumpsuits with my guidance...that question will no longer be a concern. What it breaks down to is buying the right one for amazing easy fit and with that comes easier on and off for faster bathroom breaks. 

Now, I can't change the fact that you basically have to fully disrobe to get your business done but its not as bad as it seems. The ONE TIP I will give you in this regard...is to scrunch your romper or jumpsuit as you lower it off so that it doesn't drag on the ground while you are sitting on the throne. (Lord knows what ends up on the floor around the base of a toilet, YUCK!)

So just DON'T drag your romper or jumpsuit through the MUCK, literally! 

And on that note...here's a funny meme I found on social that I just couldn't help but share with you all because really Rompers make you feel like a Queen until you have to pee, lol! 

Ok, moving on and let's get into the nitty gritty of HOW TO SHOP for the Perfect Jumpsuit or Romper...

 When it comes to shopping for the perfect jumpsuit there are 2 things to consider: 

1. Your Body Porportions

2. The fabric and Function of the jumpsuit

The number one fit issue I hear about Jumpsuits and Rompers is the dreaded C-Toe. You know what I'm taking about. The darn thing isn't long enough in the torso and it rides up all the cracks! UGH! No one wants that...

So here's what to look for: 

- Jumpsuits and Rompers that have Adjustable straps, drawstrings and elastic waistbands are a LIFE SAVER!! 

- A stretch Fabric or Relaxed Fit cut will also help with this fit concern. The drop crotch or slouchy relaxed fit of these styles below have been BEST SELLERS in my shop for the last year! Even my toughest jumpsuit critics LOVE this style and cut. 

 Next, let's talk about HOW TO STYLE a Jumpsuit or Romper because you have options than you probably think!  

There are few ways to style up these one and down outfits and here my top 3...

1. Statement JEWELRY! Earrings, arm bracelet parties or long pendant necklaces, this is the easiest way to finish the look of a great Jumpsuit or Romper. 

2. LAYER: With a classic Denim Jacket, cardigan or belt. Make sure if you have a printed Jumpsuit to wear a solid color jacket or cardigan or vice-versa. This balances out the prints. 

3.  Add some Color! Pop some colored heels with a plain jumpsuit or throw over a crop top on a tank jumpsuit for a fun way to add some interest. 

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Have you bought your first Jumpsuit yet? It's time, momma! And if you haven't downloaded my FREE Mom Wardrobe Checklist, do it HERE! This list not only includes a jumpsuit but all the other essential items you need for a WELL ROUNDED wardrobe! 

I hope you venue out to find the PERFECT Jumpsuit or Romper! Don't be afriad to try them out! I know you will love them as much as we do! 

XO, Shannon 

PS: Love this post or have questions? COMMENT below! We appreciate your feedback and I am here to answers your questions anytime! 

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