How to Wear Leopard without Feeling Over the Top!

Shannon Burns

 The reviews are in and I'm pretty sure you are either a Leopard lover or Leopard averse. 

No matter what side of the leopard fence you are on, I can show you How to make it work for your comfort level so you can get the look without feeling like you are trying too hard. 

Do you know what I mean? I'm sure you have tried something on in your recent past that made you feel too "showy" or overly stylish, making it seem inauthentic to who to you are. 

But here's a tidbit of truth about feeling uncomfortable...IT'S ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to feel uncomfortable when you want to make any sort of CHANGE in your life. 

So chances are if you found me and have been following along, you are looking to somehow up level your style from your current state. 

Where am I going with this & why am not diving into the content yet? 

You need to understand that first you have to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN HEAD and realize that no matter the stripe, print, color or "show-y-ness" of a doesn't determine WHO YOU ARE.

With that said, let's get past any doubts, fears or Peg Bundy Flashbacks about Leopard Print and move into the current state of How amazing this print really is and what it can add to YOUR CLOSET to help UP LEVEL your Style NOW! 

Leopard comes in sooooo many different patterns, colors and it literally can be found on anything from shoelaces to underwear. So don't resist it and let's see how tastefully this print can be done without making you feel insecure or inauthentic to your TRUE MOM STYLE. 

What does that mean? It pairs with every color imaginable so don't limit yourself to just wearing it alone or with denim or black or white. One way to do this is in SMALL DOSES. So pop a leopard print belt or accessory with your favorite solid colored fall blouse and denim for a chic and updated style. 



When you find an all over piece (like a leopard print knit dress), keep everything else very simple and let the print stand on its own to make your outfit pop! A simple denim jacket or nude heels will help to highlight the leopard print without making it feel like "too much"

BONUS MYTH BUSTER: If you are petite, do not be afraid that this print will drown you out! Try it on in many shades, large to small print scales and see which feels best on you. Just don't fall into the trap of thinking your shorter frame can't wear a bold print this like one! 

From a planned date night to impromptu comedy show or drinks with your BFF's, a leopard clutch will always be in style and its easy to throw on with a simple black top and jeans. This is STYLE 101, to let your handbag be the pop you need for a great outfit! 

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There are so many ways to incorporate Leopard into your wardrobe and quite honestly, if you want that amazing style you seek...this is MUST HAVE to any fashionable wardrobe! 

Which way do you love to wear leopard print? COMMENT below with your thoughts, questions or feedback! 

Wishing you an Outfit Compliment Worthy week ahead! 

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