How to Style & Layer Jewelry like a Fashionista! With Special Guest, Dawn Bane...

Shannon Burns

Have you ever had the thought "I don't go anywhere so what do I need jewelry for?" or maybe you feel like its too much of a hassle to have to style your outfit with jewelry because you are rushed in your busy mom morning hustle. 

Well Dawn Bane had something to share with me that really HIT me to the core, she said "It just makes me HAPPY!"

That may seem overly simple and kind of silly but you don't have to be a jewelry freak or connoisseur to make wearing jewelry apart of your style. 

My personal struggle is I feel overwhelmed when I try to add jewelry to my outfits. And this is coming from a PERSONAL STYLIST!! I mean..really? 

Which is why I decided to bring in an EXPERT. Dawn Bane is an Independant designer at Keep Collective and Interior Designer by trade. She breaks down the design basics (which apply to not only home interior but fashion and jewelry styling). She shared with me some wonderful examples of how you can add meaning to your jewelry closet. Whats worth spending a little more on and how you can use different pieces together to create something utterly stunning!

So if your looking to up your jewelry game...this Video is made for YOU! We keep it simple and make it easy to break down your styling blocks so that you to can look and feel like Mom Fashionista, without feeling like you don't belong in the style game (wink, wink). 

Hit PLAY to get to know Dawn and How to Style & Layer your Jewelry like a Fashionista!

Connect with our amazing guest and get more style inspirations for your jewelry "arsenal" 

Dawn's Instagram (for momlife entertainment and Keep Styling techniques): @loveluxemama
Fine Dawn's Facebook Group Page HERE and enjoy playing along and seeing the latest of her jewelry creations!

And shop her styles on her website right HERE

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