How to pair your Denim the Right way!

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Not all denim is created equal. And if you read my Blog Post last week about "How to Find the BEST Colors for Your Skintone", then you know that colors DO matter! 

It's the same with denim. There are so many options now for not only the different washes of denim but also the distressing and treatment of the fabric that can change the look entirely. 

I should mention, that I am, by no means, trying to complicate your life by bringing this to your attention but, rather, I want to raise your awareness with color and give a better understanding of why some things pair better with certain items over another. Even if they are in the same basic category, like denim. 

In this week's Blog Post, I am going to break down a few basic "rules" that will help you start "seeing" the color of your jeans in a different way. Consider this a Fashion Awakening that will help you to recognize the right pairings for each of your jeans in your closet. 

First, let's cover the basics in denim washes: 


As a basic rule of thumb, your Dark Washed, Non-Distressed & Lightly Distressed jeans, are most versatile for casual office attire to weekend outings. This style of denim is a CORE for your closet but having multiple styles in the same wash is totally normal! 

So don't feel like you are being excessive if you gravitate towards buying this staple item, because it's really like nude need a pair for everyday of the week. With dark denim, you will want different cuts and styles in this CORE wardrobe staple, so you have options to pair with different cuts & styles of tops. (Because not all tops pair with every style of jeans either! Sorry...) 

And as far as seasonality, a Dark Wash Denim will carry you from Spring through Fall and winter so really you can wear these year round. 

My Favorite Pairings with Darker Washed Jeans is something lighter on top OR something with a deeper tone that pops like this cranberry top. But of course you are not limited here, these are just my favorite examples of pairing this color of denim. 

Moving on to our medium wash denim...mostly you will see this style either sand-blasted (example shown on the left) or distressed. Having a medium wash denim in your closet can give you a variety of colors to choose from when pairing with the right tops. 

As a rule of thumb for this wash of denim, the bluer or cooler toned medium washes, typically pair with more in the Spring/Summer colors like pinks, lighter shades of greens/olives, and pops of more vibrant colors like sunshine yellow and turquoise. 

A warmer, sandier color of medium wash denim, will pair more with your Fall/Winter color stories like pumpkin, rust and cranberry. 


Lastly, let's look at Light Wash Denim...These are pretty straight forward in that, you will almost always be pairing your lighter wash jeans with cooler toned colors. 

So if you love more cool tones in your closet, like pure whites, Navy, Light-Medium toned pinks, lighter blues and greens, a light wash will serve you well. 

I find that I crave lighter denim mostly in the Spring/Summer months and during seasonal transitions. 


All rules are NOT written in stone! So be adventurous and TRY OUT different ways to pair your jeans even if you aren't "seeing" the definite warm and cool color stories. That takes time to recognize but if you TRY ON something and are not sure...POST it in our VIP Group Page and ASK!

I am always hanging around to answer your questions + we have over 4,000 other amazing women that LOVE to help out each other:) 

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Loved this Blog Post? Please share your comments or questions below! 

See you next week for 3 Ways to Style Colored Denim! 
XO, Shannon 

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  • Chanel Nessman on

    This blog is a great reminder on having that variety of denim! It helps me feel less bad about having a “good” variety of denim and how to pair it best with what tops! So great for the upcoming changing of the season!

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