How to Make your Clothes Last & What to do with them when your done!

Shannon Burns

This is one of my favorite topics because you spend all your hard earned money $$$$$ on an amazing wardrobe all to throw it in the washer and dryer!! What?!? 

Let me explain....

Convenience is HUGE in our busy tech-filled worlds now. From Grub Hub to Uber and grocery delivery services you literally can do anything and everything from your phone + have it on your doorstep in less than 48 hours! 

Clearly you know this because if you shop with buy most of your wardrobe from me and don't want to step foot in another confusing, bad serviced, elevator music department store again! Am I right? 

So here's my thing...once you learn the importance of building an amazing wardrobe and how to get the MOST from each piece (which I teach on the daily in my VIP Group Page), how can you ensure that you are properly caring for your new look? 

Beyond buying the clothes, maintaining your feel good confidence doesn't stop after you checkout. Nothing is worse than buying an amazing new top for $50 bucks and then it getting ruined because you didn't care for it properly. 

Not only is reading the care instructions important but PLEASE STOP STRESSING about weather or not an item can be thrown in the wash. 

FUN FACT: Did you know that 90% of my personal laundry every week is workout apparel?!? And only a faction of that actually ever sees the inside of a dryer!! #truth! 


I don't LIVE in workout gear either. Most of the clothes I wear, get STEAMED and NOT WASHED!! 

Yep, you read that right! I do not WASH & DRY my everyday, wonderful amazing clothes. And NO, I am not a dirty, disgusting person either, lol! 

You need a CLOTHES STEAMER!! I have PREACHED this for 5 years (ever since I started this business). If you buy one more top...and you don't have a clothing steamer in your closet, you are THROWING AWAY your money on clothes that you will continue to ruin by trying to have the convenience of washing and drying them. 

A Clothing Steamer is faster and more convenient than washing everything and having to re-fold/re-hang it all every week.

So do yourself a favor, STOP CREATING your own misery!! 


And use a DRY CLEANERS once your blouses, jackets and Dresses need a good cleaning. I'm talking like one dry cleaner trip every so often because if you steam in between wears, it will prolong the life of your clothes and the dry cleaning. Let someone else DO THE LAUNDRY!! You have more important things to do with your time than laundry. 

So here is the steamer I recommend....

Easy to find, on Amazon and can be on your doorstep in 48 hours. #Yourewelcome! 
Get your Clothing Steamer HERE (and no, these are in no way affiliate links:) 

Now that you have a steamer, you need to get in the HABIT of actually using it! So don't let it sit in the box and do nothing. So here is a quick video tutorial I found from Melissa Maker on HOW TO USE your NEW Clothing Steamer...


So now you know HOW to care for your clothes properly and I am hopeful that you WILL make the effort to change your ways that you have been taught from birth that everything needs to go in the washer (because that is a hard one to break!)...

Let's talk about what to do with your clothes when you are ready to part ways...

You have a few options and the good news is if you have properly cared for your clothes, you can re-sell them and recoup some of your money to put back into your wardrobe for FUN NEW items that you love NOW! 

Because I am alll about treating your closet like a "living organism" that we never let get stale! Your closet should be a reflection of who you are TODAY! So make sure you LOVE the items that are in there! 

Ok, enough preaching...(sorry its a bad habit from being overly passionate about teaching this stuff). 

Here are the options I recommend for RECYCLING your well-loved apparel items....

We are lucky here in my area, we have an amazing pop up consignment event that happens once a year called Scarlet Threads Boutique. You can resell your gently used designer apparel and get involved with your community! I have met so many wonderful ladies at this event just by volunteering and being apart of something. Plus, I LOVE to shop the event! So think of it like a big closet swap sort of thing but you actually get money for your clothes that sell! 

Secondly, find a Buy, Sell, Trade Group that is SPECIFIC to the clothes you are trying to resell. For example, I have a BST group just for LBC Shoppers! So if you shop with me, check out our BST Group Page and resell some of the gently loved items that you are ready to part with! 

Same goes for brands like Anthropologie, Free People and Ann Taylor. There are Facebook groups for all of these brands where you can resell to other fans of those clothing brands! Pretty sweet right? 

Just make sure with every Facebook group you join, that you READ THE GROUP RULES! You don't want to get kicked out because you missed a step or did something that wasn't allowed. 

And if you feel like those options are too much work (because they can take some time to take photos, upload and post) then try sending all your stuff to Thread Up! You won't get as much money back BUT you literally throw your clothes in the bag they send you and drop it off at the post office. Wait for them to email you a credit and you are done! 

Poshmark is similar work to a BST Group because you do need to photograph and upload them but if you have designer clothes to resell this could be a good option to consider as well. 

Have you ever used one of these options before to recycle your favorite clothing items? COMMENT below and let me know what your experience was like and if you found one easier to use than an other. 

I hope this week's Blog finds you well and that I can inspire you to simplify your wardrobe for more pulled together, effortless mornings! Because YOU DESERVE IT, Momma! 

XOXO, Shannon 

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