How to have a STRESS-FREE Christmas Season

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Hey Mommas! 

  I wanted to write you a note about Holiday season...It's here and then its gone! And what do we do...we plan, execute, rush and dash until we exhaust ourselves and then what?

It's all over! 

And we are cleaning, putting away decor and sad about the 10 lbs of cakes and cookies we put on over the past 2 months. 

So I had a thought...WHY?!? Why, do we do this to ourselves?!? Is it worth it? Are we REALLY enjoying this amazing season for all that its worth or are we trying to make it to perfect? 

Well, my thought is SCREW PERFECT! I don't decorate! There I said it! I don't go overboard with perfectly fluffed pillows and the perfect tree and overly decorated bathrooms and entryways. 

(Now, let me say...if your decor is on point and it brings you joy...DO IT!) 

But if there is something about this season that is DRAINING you of the fun and joy of it all...THEN STOP DOING IT!! 

Here's my point...My ideal Christmas season is HAVING PEOPLE over! I love to host and I'm a terrible Hostess (just ask my mother-in-law, lol!) PS: My MIL is the best person in the whole wide world and see takes over when I drop the hostess hat in the toilet and start drinking! 

I LOVE to DRESS UP! But typically, I have no where to go. I don't get invites to fancy parties and in reality....I secretly want to be invited to fancy Holiday parties but I'm too busy raising babies and a business that I don't invest the time in other relationships to warrant the invites! 

But guess what? That's OK! 

So here's my plan...Make up your own dang parties!! And not the over-the-top, fancy party but make an excuse to have your favorite people over for an evening (with or without kiddos) and tell them to dress up (or not) but make it your own! Enjoy the season the way that feels right to you! 

My other tip...Don't go overboard on presents! Be thoughtful. But don't break the bank on buying gifts for everyone you have ever talked too (I know because I LOVE giving gifts to all the people in my life, that I have ever met! Christmas cookies will do that to me). 

Don't forget the power of a simple Christmas card. No, it doesn't have to have a PERFECT family photo printed on it! One year I took an iPhone selfie of our family and downloaded the Walgreens Photo app and had them printed in 1 hour! 

They were in the mail the next day and it was PERFECT for us! 

So make this Holiday Season your kind of PERECT! be thoughtful about what the season means to you and your family and then decide how much you actually want to participate in this year. 


Every invite, school and church function...all though amazing and wonderful...don't exhaust your weeknights and weekends with too many plans. 

SLOW DOWN and schedule a weekend to STAY HOME, watch movies and wrap presents. 

Which brings me to another LAST POINT...Shop EARLY!!! Get those gifts handled NOW! 

We have our HOLIDAY SHOP up and ready for you to ROCK THE SEASON in style. Holiday Lush Bundles that are perfect for gifting (starting at $49 Shipped!), scarfs, jewelry and Gift Cards

So don't be last minute on your shopping game! Write that list out and GET TO IT! Need help with figuring out your gifts? Join our VIP Group Page and TAG me! I'm happy to help with any styling or sizing questions. 

So tell me...What is your IDEAL CHRISTMAS? Put it in the comments below!

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  • Heidi on

    I love all these points. I am so guilty of freaking out about the things that I build up as important. I have to figure out what I can let go of?

    Without freaking out, my perfect Christmas is games on the floor with my family. Sitting and watching the lights play on the ceiling. Watching my daughter’s joy of everything. And, of course, rum balls!

  • Chanel on

    These are all good points! Don’t stress about doing all the THINGS!!!

    My ideal Christmas is hanging out, playing games, laughing and joking, and eating some yummy goodness!

    I do love me some holiday hosting thought too!

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