How to find the BEST Colors for your Skintone!

Clayton Du

It's no lie that wearing the perfect color can make a WORLD of difference when it comes to having all the outfit compliments rolling in! 

And there is an incredibly in depth science to learning about this process but lucky for YOU...You have ME! 

I have spent many years in fitting rooms, on retail sale floors outfitting customers...I even worked at a makeup counter for a few years where I was sent to professional training workshops on foundation color matching and eye shadow colors that make eye colors POP! 

So I am going to put together about 25 years of expertise and trial and error into one blog post and solve all your color frustrations....Ok maybe not ALL of them but this should give you a good starting point for how to start navigating which colors work BEST for your skintone! 

And I know time is of the essence these days so I will break this down into a few easy steps of what you need to start working through in order to find YOUR BEST COLORS! 

Let's dive in...

STEP 1: What is your Undertone? This can be a tricky thing to determine but if you have ever had your foundation matched at beauty counter...this is the first thing they look you have a cool, neutral or warm undertone. 

Here's how you can quickly find out what your undertone is: 

1. Stand in front of a well lit mirror (preferably daylight but a makeup light will work ok too). 

2. Pinch your skin anywhere on your face, neck or chest. 

3. Watch for the colors that appear after you have pinched your skin. 

If your skin has any pink, purple, bluish or have COOL undertones

If your skin has any yellow, peach, or orange then you have WARM undertones

In my personal case, I have a combo of BOTH so I have NEUTRAL undertones which means I can go BOTH ways. 

This information is ESSENTIAL to discovering your BEST colors because it will help you notice which colors in what shades give your skin a glowing presence. 

Have you ever had someone say how rested you look or "glowing" you look and your not preggo or well-rested?!? You probably had on a color that really was complimenting your skintone perfectly! 


STEP 2: Discover your best Shades in both Warm and Cool Colors

Now that we know your undertone, let's move on to the BEST kinds of warm and cool colors for you. Here's where I should explain a few things...

You can wear BOTH warm and cool colors no matter what your undertones are! But the difference is in the shade of the color or even the undertone of a neutral color. 

Here's an example of what I mean...Although I have a NEUTRAL undertone..I lean more toward the WARMS. This shows you side-by-side of 2 neutral colors (the left being a cool undertone and the right being a warm undertone)...the WARM undertone gives me more of a "glow" to my face. 
Can you see the difference?

So it's not that one looks better or worse..its just that the WARMER undertone works more effortlessly on me. 


Additionally not all NEUTRALS are created equal!  
When I am referring to neutral colors, I am referring to Olive, Navy, Gray and Black. These colors are all present in most closets (especially Black) but did you know that Black isn't my best neutral?!? 

Shocker I know! When I first discovered this trick, Im about to share with you...I was like MIND BLOWN!! 


So here's what you do...
1. Again with the well lit mirror, stand in front of it. 
2. Look at the outer rim of the Iris of your eye and try to determine the deepest shade in that outer rim of the color of your eye. NAVY!! 
Let me show you the difference here again...
Shocker, right?!? Navy is my BEST neutral so you can imagine my excitement when I read about this Fall and Navy having a HUGE presence! 
The dress on the left has a Navy background and the one on the right has a black background. The Navy just POPS more on me.

STEP 3: Experiment & Take Notes


So heres the TAKEAWAY from this need to TRY ON, Try ON, TRY ON AGAIN! Keep notes of which outfits get you compliments the most and which ones make you feel the most confident! 

Don't stress too much about the science behind it all...just keep trying on different colors and ask yourself if it falls in more of a warm or cool color story. So if purple just isn't your need to try different SHADES of that color until you find the RIGHT Purple for your skintone. 

You can WEAR ANY COLOR!! Just find the right depth of that color that makes your skin glow! 


Want to have me help you find your BEST colors, LIVE? If you are Local to SoCal, then head out this SATURDAY 8/24 @ 5 PM PST and get a FREE Color Consult at our Mom's Night Out Event! 

Not Local?? Don't Worry...I will be doing a recap on our MNO Color Consults in our VIP Group Page on 8/29 @ 10 AM PST! Join the VIP Group Page HERE

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