How to create the Perfect Outfit, everytime!

Ever wonder why there are certain women that just "have style"? I mean, where did it come from and why can't we all just "have great style"?
Style is something you can't "copy" per se. Its more in your personality but there is a basic formula that we can follow to get "the look" and then make it our own. 
So here's what I teach my clients when they come in my shop asking for outfitting advice...

Three pieces is all you need to get the Perfect Outfit, Everytime!

Without getting too technical on you, there is a fundamental reason why certain looks work and why others don't. Its called the RULE of 3 (or at least that is what I call it). Its basic design knowledge.

Add 3 elements to your outfit to get a polished and complete look!  

So if it works for artists and interior designers why wouldn't it work for putting together an outfit? Because after all, fashion is all about the Art of Adornment and we are the blank canvas! 
Bet you never you compared your naked self to a blank canvas before but it makes sense, right?

So let's break it down with some visuals...

Take our Monthly Subscription Box Outfit (because there are 3 pieces in this outfit) and see why it just works! 
The black tunic top layered with the lightweight cargo jacket and small pendant necklace are the perfect combo to bring this outfit to life! 

Here's another way to look at this using a dress...

Dress, Jacket, necklace. Done! 

Now let's say its hot out and you don't want to wear the jacket...does that ruin your styled outfit? 

Absolutely not! But bare in mind that art really has no rules! Just think in terms of 3 pieces to make sure your outfit is finished. 
When checking your outfit for 3 pieces, know that prints and textures can sometime add a whole element on their own so no need to add any additional pieces to the outfit. 
For example, this look is a striped blouse under the same jacket but the necklace doesn't really stand out or add anything to the look so we could actually ditch the necklace all together and still have a killer look! 

Don't overcomplicate your style! 

Just be you and shop for pieces the really make your heart skip a beat. When you are ready to rock your favorite items, make sure you have 3 pieces to pull it all together. 

Want more help with your style?

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And I know you are wasting more time, money and energy, in creating a mis-mash of a wardrobe that isn't giving you the results you want. 
So join me and hundreds of other women in creating a closet you love by signing up today! Every month is a new outfit with endless styling options!

Have questions?

Reach out to me in our VIP Group Page!
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