Discover your Body Type & Body Proportions by asking this One Simple Question...

Shannon Burns

Have you ever struggled with WHY fashion can be so frustrating? Like, Why does everything "she" puts on look amazing on her but when I try it on...I look like a hobo??

Frustrating isn't it? And let's make sure you know right up front, it's NOT because she is thinner, tanner, happier or whatever else you may think when you compare yourself to another's that she has probably tried on allll the things about 10 million times over, has a creative outlook + she probably REALLY loves fashion!

And not to say you don't have any of those things, because you absolutely have EVERYTHING it takes to look and feel amazing EVERYDAY but its more about understanding some basic principles so that you can "filter" through some of the fashion "noise" and determine what will work for you and what to steer away from.

So this week I want to ask you ONE. SIMPLE. QUESTION...


You maybe thinking...ok but what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?? (Oh wait, I think I am the ONLY person besides my mother that uses that phrase, LOL!) 

Moving on...

Tell me what comes to mind immediately after reading that question?? I ask this question to EVERY NEW CLIENT that walks into my studio. And almost every single one has the correct answer come right out of their mouth. 

The ANSWER to this question may surprise you. It's something you have known all along but you have never been taught how it applies to getting dressed, getting the proper FIT for your clothes or STYLING your outfits. 

So let's DIVE DEEPER into what I mean...

I will use myself as an example to start this convo. I am 5'5 and I am ADDICTED to buying Jeans, Pants, Skirts or anything that sits on the bottom half of my body. This is actually somewhat of a UNIQUE thing so hang on while I explain and give you more examples that you can relate to...

My body is proportioned so that I have a shorter than average top half which makes tops over sized and overly baggy on me. Not to mention I have an athletic frame and no boobs so I always have trouble with tops being too big. 

You will often see me either wearing skinny jeans to offset the oversized look of the top or styling my tops with a half tuck to help create some definition in my waist. 

Secondly, my Legs are of a more "normal" length so I RARELY have too long or too short of a pant issue and I have no hips so pants are SUPER FUN for me to buy because I can literally slip them on right off the racks and get the PERFECT FIT that makes me feel amazing. 

Now knowing MY personal body proportions...

Maybe pants are SUPER HARD for you because they are always too long or the waist to hip ratio causes a baggy waistband or baggy knees if you have a thicker waist and smaller hips. 


Not one item is going to fit you perfectly, every time! But we can work with "standard" sizing and give you some guidelines to work with. 

First, you need to know (based on your FIT ISSUES) when its time to invest in a TAILOR. 
If you have trouble finding pants that fit because they are ALWAYS too long. You need to invest in the best fitting pants you can find and have them hemmed. 

So you BUY LESS and BUY HIGHER QUALITY pants because a higher end brand will give you the BEST FIT through the waist and hips & then you take them to your tailor and have them adjusted in the length to fit you perfectly. 

How your body is proportioned plays a HUGE Role in getting the style and look you want from your clothes. 

But what about your BODY TYPE...Going back to our same question...

You can also discover What your body type is from this same question. Here's how...

1. Rectangle Shape: Means you have almost the exact same measurements on your shoulder, waist and hip width. 

2. Pear Shape: Means you have wider hips, smaller waist and narrow shoulders so jackets and tops maybe easier for you to shop for but bottoms are hard because of your wider hips and tiny waistline. 

3. Apple Shape: Means you are broader in the shoulder, thicker waist but have some amazing legs. Finding items to flatter your upper body without making you look wider on top can be a challenge.

4. Hour Glass Shape: You have little trouble finding great fit and you are mostly balanced in proportions, meaning your shoulders and hip measurement are almost the same and your waist is very defined, being a smaller measurement than your hips and shoulders. (You probably aren't reading this article, either, lol!) 

So which category do you fall into? 

The idea is to get closer to an Hour Glass Shape so for Rectangle & Apple Shape gals, your main focus is to create the illusion of a more defined waistline
As a rectangle shape myself, I stay away from body con dresses, pencil skirts (unless i half tuck a blouse into it), and anything that would show off a smaller waistline. 

Many of my pear shaped gals look amazing in A-Line dresses, high neck tops like Halter styles and fully tucking in their tops for show off their tiny waists. Belted styles also look great on pear shaped ladies. 

Here is an example of a belted style that works on me because I paired it with a Blouse that had some shoulder volume. The puffier sleeve helps to balance out my narrow hips. The blouse-y fabric allows me to make the full tuck slouchier to hid how thick my waist is and create more of a defined waist with the belted high rise jeans. 

I hope these examples get you thinking more creatively about how a simple style trick or knowing when to hire a tailor is right for you. We all have our struggles with making items look the way we want them to but it CAN BE DONE! 

Comment below with your fit struggles if you are unsure on how to combat them. 
And your HOMEWORK here is to GO TRY ON!!! 

Look in your own closet and take this easy breakdown back into your wardrobe to ASSESS your go-to, favorite pieces. WHY are they your favorite? The answers may surprise you! 

Find the similar cuts, fabrics and styles that you love best and see what makes them similar or different. TAKE NOTE and then keep that in mind when you go clothes shopping next time.

Looking forward to hearing your success stories! POST your outfit selfies in our VIP Group and get social so you can help other moms find the perfect style tips and tricks in their own closets. 

XO! Shannon 

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