Resell your clothes: How-to save money and get the most out of your wardrobe

Hey there pretty lady!

Have you ever thought about purging your closet but you have a hard time getting rid of items you are no longer wearing because you paid a pretty penny for it?

I can relate! In my recent 5 Day Dream Closet Challenge, I go through how to properly purge and organize your closet PLUS show you how to find your ideal style. Day 1 of the challenge is all about purging your closet and getting rid of items that are no longer your style and that you are no longer wearing. There is a lot to purging and dealing with the emotions of it all.

One thing that often comes up is how to make the most of those pricey items that you are ready to part with. Today I'm sharing the 3 ways to make some of the money back on those items you are ready to let go of (i.e. Resell those threads!)

Reselling your clothes is such a great way to refresh your wardrobe because you can take that money you gain from reselling items to use towards building the wardrobe of your dreams! (PS: If you want you know how to get the closet of your dreams, be sure to sign up for my FREE Challenge----> HERE)

My first suggestion is to look into local consignment shops or pop up consignment shops. These shops do all the work for you and take a small commission for getting your clothes in front of the right buyers. I am super lucky to have one in my neighborhood called Scarlet Threads Boutique. Its a 4 day pop-up shop event for reselling your fab threads that are no longer working for you. (If you are local to Southern Cali, go check out their site and get info on their next event which is NEXT WEEK!!! Can't wait!!)

Second, try an online app like Poshmark. I have had some success on this site for reselling my clothes but be sure to make that photography look AH-mazing or your stuff will sit. Play with it and see if its for you. I like that you can snap a few pictures, write out the description and have an item posted within minutes! Like anything though, these types of online apps that are "DIY" can take some effort to make them work for you.

If doing the dirty work isn't for you, try Here is how it works... 


 Thredup won't take everything you send them. They pick through what they deem as "sellable" and offer you a small amount for those items. So they pay you and resell your clothes on their site. No taking photos or having to ship your items. They just buy what they like and donate the rest. I haven't tried this one but it works more like a charity than getting the most $$ you can for your clothes. But again, VERY little work involved and supports a great cause and community.

Lastly, if you are a fancy pants kind of gal and have some designer handbags or shoes or DVF gowns you are trying to sell, check out This is new to me but I saw an ad and thought some of you may find it helpful. Here's how they work...


I hope that helps to alleviate some stress for you by laying out a few options for reselling your gently used clothes.

Oh and a couple last tips for you...

Reselling can seem like a huge task! Be sure you take baby steps. So starting with this post is a great place to be. Research what is best for you and what you want to do with those items. Then figure out how to go through the process (depending on how you choose to resell). Once you are good on how it works, plan out and schedule the time to do each step.

So when I prep for Scarlet Threads Boutique, my process looks like this...

1. All items organized by size and style (dress, tops, pants, etc.)

2. Upload all items into their online system.

3. Print tags and attach to each item.

4. Note drop off date and time to deliver items to the consignment event.

I will take each step and schedule a day and time to get each task done. As opposed to trying to get it all done in one day (which means it will never get done!)

So remember busy lady, its all about taking baby steps! If you found this post helpful, please share it on social and be sure to join my Dream Closet Challenge for the best tips and tricks to get the closet of your dreams!


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