Blue is the new black

Hey Friend!

    It feels like its been a while since I have been here with you. My apologies:) I have been over on my Facebook Group page hosting a Flash Sale and buying up some BRAND NEW merchandise for you to feast your lovely eyes upon.

  So while I am busy prepping in the background, my thoughts are always with you and thinking about what great style tips and information I can share next.

   One thing I thought was funny about 2016, is how the new color trend release from Pantone was totally overlooked, but I'm sure you can guess what color it is. And actually before I get corrected, Pantone released 2 colors for 2016 as the "Color of the Year": Rose Quartz (a pink/blush tone) and Serenity (a dreamy blue hue).

   Hence, the title, Blue is the new black! Now, don't get it wrong, black is always chic and a great staple. I just liked the catchy title:) But let's talk about how these colors can work for your busy momma lifestyle...

Not only do they pair well together and make for a dreamy transition into Spring but they work beautifully on there own too. I have been talking a lot about Chambray on my Instagram page and how its ready to take the front seat in your wardrobe this spring. So as far as the Serenity influence, you are going to see lots of denim on denim.

Tip: For denim on denim looks, make sure you have different shades of denim so it breaks up the monotony of the outfit as a whole.

(See my Chambray top below, now available in the shop)

Something else I love about the color"s" of 2016, is the soft femininity of it. Something that I think is easy to neglect when you are busy chasing littles. Feeling feminine while being a mom is a MUST! And I think its worth mentioning, that your daughter (if you have one), will take notes on your self-care and how you put yourself together every morning. Don't settle for tees and jeans everyday. Tees and jeans can be really stylish and functional but be sure to add some ladylike touches every now and again. You will see what I mean. It makes you feel better just putting on something that makes you feel pretty.

So on to Rose Quartz...

This blush tone has me swooning like none other right now! (You will see what I mean when you start to see the new arrivals roll in for Spring). This color is EVERYWHERE!! And I LOVE IT! Its so pleasing to look at and quite honestly, makes me feel like a fairy when I wear it, lol! #sorrynotsorry. It's so elegant and perfectly feminine. So its hard not to feel beautiful wearing this new shade for spring 2016.

I love this easy look of a blush colored tank and light blue bag. Notice her light pink lips to finish it all off. Now you can't tell me, you are too busy to throw this look together! Easy and perfect for #momlife.

Before you leave me, I have some homework. Don't worry it won't hurt a bit. I want you to take this new found style inspiration and go through your closet. Find a way to pair these 2 colors together in an outfit and tag me on social (@layeredbycake) so I can see how your rockin' the colors of 2016! Consider this a mini style challenge, wink, wink:)

Remember accessories and makeup count as one of the colors so you don't have to go over the top with making the colors even in your outfit. When you tag me, tell me how this look makes you feel. Because the end result should be glorious! Can't wait to see your results!

Off for another stylish week! Oh and make sure you are in my Facebook group, ladies! Next week I will be at the Fashion trade show doing my apparel buys for Spring, Summer and Fall! I have a LOT of shopping to do and will need your help picking out the best finds at the show! Only my Facebook group members will get to weigh in so ask to join now! Click here to join!

Until next week...

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