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So my kiddos are still on break but I am back at work, prepping some killer content for 2016. One thing that comes up very frequently when I work with my clients is BODY SHAPE!!

I think this topic is WAY more intimidating than it appears to be. But it is a non-negotiable if you want to fix your style woes for good! I think most of us avoid discovering our body shape in great detail, because as women, we are OVERLY CRITICAL of our body types. I am here to tell you that your body is unique to you and therefore very special because it is a one of a kind, god created, beautiful work of art. Measurements and sizes are nothing but a number. You can dress for your body shape and look amazing once you know the basics of what works for your shape. 

Keep reading along to find out how to quickly discover your shape and what works best for your body shape. *Disclaimer: We are not "one size fits all" so I have broken this down into the 5 main categories of body types. You maybe a little bit of two body types. In that case, you will need to take the tips from BOTH categories and hit the stores to scout out the styles I am recommending for you. You will only know if it works for you if you TRY IT ON!! True story. Sometimes you have to overcome the fitting room fears and tell those clothes that don't work on you, that they are cut wrong for your unique shape and that it is NOT you, who has something missing.

The only thing any of us are missing is the knowledge and experience of knowing what works best for our unique shapes. So you are getting my over 15 years of fitting room experience and one-on-one client experience for FREE in one jam packed blog post! If you benefit from this post, I would greatly appreciate you shouting it out and sharing this content with your friends. Click the share button to copy the url onto twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook.


Now let's dive in...

The 5 basic body types are Inverted Triangle, Rectangle (AKA Athletic Build), Hourglass, Pear (AKA Triangle), and Apple. Not one of them is better than the other so stop thinking "If only I were...". Stop that right now and let's love what god gave us!

Ok, so you need to take your measurements. Don't be scared, just do it. You need your Shoulder, Bust, Waist and hip measurements.

Next, Analyze your measurements using this super duper cool & easy chart from to determine your shape:


Now for the fun part! Let's talk about what works best for your shape. The most important thing to keep in mind is balancing your proportions. So if you are pear shaped (meaning larger hips, defined waist and smaller bust and shoulders) you need to balance out your hips. Let me show you some examples...

Inverted Triangle Gals: Look for pieces that add volume on bottom and minimize your top half.

Tops & Dresses: v-necks and wrap tops

Bottoms: Palazzo pants, straight leg pants/jeans. A-line and flared skirts

Avoid: Skinny on bottom! So skinny jeans and pencil skirts



Rectangular or Athletic Shape Gals: Use Pieces that will emphsize and bring attention to your bust and waist. {This happens to be my shape so I'm a super expert here}

Tops: Relaxed fit (gives the illusion of a small waist), Peplum tops, cap sleeves, Fitted blazers and high necklines.

Bottoms: Skinny Jeans, a-line and pencil skirts. Belting the waistline is even better!

Dresses: Define the waist or semi-fitted. A-line and pencil hemlines with a defined waist are best.


Hourglass Gals: You are proportioned well so just accentuate your features.

Tops: Wrap style, scoop neckline, fitted jackets and anything the pulls in at the waist. No high necklines or baggy tops.

Bottoms: Try anything you like as long as its fitted at the hips. No baggy boyfriend jeans. 

Dresses: Show off your shape with bodycon style dresses but avoid mini dresses.



Pear or Triangle Gals: Use pieces that add volume on top and minimize volume on bottom.

Tops: Scoop and v-necklines. Strong shoulder structure and dolman tops are particularly flattering.

Bottoms: Wide-leg or striaght leg pants and A-line skirts are your BFF. Dark colors on bottom will also minimize hip width.

Dresses: A-line all the way! Wrap style dresses and v-necklines.


Apple Gals: Define the waistline and minimize mid-section.

Tops: Wide and deep necklines. Semi-fitted, meaning empire waistline tops. Tops that hit at the hip.

Bottoms: Straight or small flares. No skinny jeans.

Dresses: Empire dresses are your jam!! Wrap dresses with a-line or flared hemline are great too.


We aren't done yet! You must now apply your new found knowledge. Here is how i want you to do this:

Copy and paste your body type info into your notes app in your phone. The next shopping trip you make, I want you to pull out that note and start analyzing the types of pieces you pick out for your shape. Try it all on and make sure it stays true to balancing out your proportions.

Body shape is as simple as that. Now what about trends you ask? Not all trends will look amazing on you. No one body can wear anything, no matter what you think about me or any model you see in a fashion magazine. If you don't already know that is me modeling all the clothes in this post and on my site, and I have to be honest, not everything looks great on me. I am not confident in all styles! I just make sure the angle is right in the photo to make the clothes look as best as possible.

I really hope this blog post gives you new found sense of what the heck is wrong with your closet or why you have tags on some items still hanging your closet. If you aren't wearing it, there is a reason so get rid of it! But more on that topic later (Closet Detox 101, coming soon) wink,wink.

Wishing you a stylish week my friends!

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