The 7 Habits of Stylish Moms

A Stylish Mom. You know who she is. She is the one you see at school drop offs, that always looks pulled together and cute. Or maybe its you on a great day but you can never seem to look that great everyday because it's so much work. Well, let me tell you, every woman struggles with her style. Maybe some a little less than others but do you know what all stylish moms in common?

HABITS. Plain and simple.

It's not that she knows more than you or that she has more time or money to keep up with the latest styles. She has great habits that never let her sacrifice looking and feeling amazing.

Why are these habits so important? Because they are your road map to making your life effortlessly chic. And who doesn't want that? This week I wanted to talk more in depth about good style habits that all stylish moms have or do some version of. And with the new year approaching, why shouldn't you start thinking about easy changes you can make to look and feel better in 2016?!?

So let's cover the 7 habits of stylish moms in a way that is easily adaptable to your own lifestyle. The first thing I notice about a Stylish Mom starts with her hair!


1. Determine a hair routine that is EASY!

Ok, maybe that seems easier said than done. And maybe you need to actually spend some money getting your tresses maintained by a professional to get this one checked off the list. But it could be as simple as searching Pinterest for "easy mid-length hair styles", trying out those new ideas and sticking with one that gets you the most compliments at work! {No brainer, get over to Pinterest, stat!} And if you can't figure out how to do that cute do, head over to youtube for style video tutorials.

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2. Multi-layered outfitting

What I mean here is, she does more than a top and bottom to her outfitting routine. Why do I call outfitting a routine? Because if you get in the HABIT of never leaving an outfit undone until its been layered with some sort of accessory or jacket, hat, etc. You will always be a bit more stylish than when you stuck to jeans and a top routine. Never forget to accessorize or layer with something of interest.

BONUS TIP: Make sure your accessory closet is entirely visible and organized! This is a must for a busy momma lifestyle. If you don't see your options in your closet, you will never use them all so you might as well get rid of it or make it visible so you use it!

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3. Super Savvy Style Tricks

A Stylish Mom will usually have a rolled sleeve, a perfectly half tucked tee or the perfect cuffed jean. You can have this too. You just have to TRY IT!!! Simple and painless. I promise! And when you play with a new style trick, snap a selfie to your BFF and get her opinion. Not the BFF that is super nice and doesn't want to hurt your feelings. The stylish, honest BFF that wouldn't dare let you look ridiculous. That's the gal you need in your corner to encourage you out of your negative thoughts about how you aren't cool enough to rock the half tuck tee! Try it out and rock some killer confidence with that style trick you just picked up.

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4. The bag for everything.

As moms, we are everything to everyone. So the bag you carry has to be ready for anything and super duper functional! Why is this important to being stylish? Because, you need to have your lipstick ready, the band-aids for boo-boos and the snacks available for anytime, anywhere. Every Stylish Mom has a bag packed just so. In the event that something is needed, she is ready. For me, this includes a lot of cute zipper pouches and a bag with lots of pockets!

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5. She is not afraid of a good print!

Do it up in some print! Mixing and matching prints is a Stylish moms BFF.


{Shown here The Lara Dress}

6. Shoe Formula= Style+comfort is ALWAYS A WIN!

This may not always be easy but that's why I have started a Pin board for you to follow as I come across some stylish footwear I think you would love. Go follow my board on Pinterest and see what I mean about stylish, comfortable footwear!

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Well now that I have taken you from head to toe in the Stylish Momma list, you might be thinking, "What else is there?" My Number 7 Stylish Momma Habit is probably the most important of them all!


Sure, sure you have heard all this before, but how do you find that? Where does it come from? It comes from with in YOU! Your mindset about who you are and who you want to be. When you have a goal in mind about wanting to be that Stylish Mom that everyone secretly wishes they could be, then you start making changes to your HABITS and tell yourself that it is OK to not sacrifice your self image. Work hard on discovering you and the confidence will happen naturally.

{Shown here The Basket Weave Scarf}

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Wishing you all a very stylish week!



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