How to rock leggings to a cocktail party

BAM!! You didn't think it could be done and that's why you are here, reading my blog about how the heck I can make a pair of leggings work for a Holiday/cocktail party. It's totally true! If worn correctly you can take one of your favorite cozy pieces in your wardrobe and make it so incredibly chic, no one will even notice you are rockin' leggings.

I am loving doing video blogging so I thought I would share my expertise on this subject via video. Yes, I am still new to video and yes I do shoot my videos in my closet (which is a hot mess right now) but I hope you still enjoy it and take some of my advice to help you elevate your style.


Hopefully that video was super helpful and saves you some $$ this season. Take what you have and make it work! A few shiny accessories can a long way to make you look fabulous with little effort.

If you love and use this tip, or any other tips you have read here, feel free to tag me in your outfit pictures on Instagram and give me a follow.

Wishing you a stylish week ahead!


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