7 Trends & Colors You Can Expect to See in Spring 2020: Plus, How to wear them!

Shannon Burns Classic Blue Color of the year Spring 2020

It's that time my friends...time to chat it up about the Pantone Color of the year & it's adorable little friends! 
If it seems like I'm speaking a foreign language, don't worry...I will explain. 
Those of you that follow me already will be more familiar but here's a quick breakdown. 

Pantone is the design industry's color predictor/standards for all creative industries. A more precise term I found on www.intouch-quality.com blog explained it perfectly... 

"The Pantone system is the standard language for color communication from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer."

So why the heck should you care about this? Well, I think it's important to educate my personal styling clients on what's trending in fashion industry news so you can
1. Understand where it all comes from
2. Understand that fashion designers are not insane 
3. Gain a respect for the creative arts and embrace new changes with an open mind
Many of my clients do work in creative industries. So when you are not immersed in creative culture day in and day out, many fashion trends can feel very out of touch with reality

I am going to use some runway fashion images in this week's blog post but I need you to take the tidbits I am about to explain to you and use a more constructive eye when shopping for your closet in Spring 2020. 

So let's dive in and start with the Pantone COLOR OF THE YEAR...CLASSIC BLUE

This color is somewhere along the lines of a Navy Blue with a touch of Royal in it. Not overly bright (and in my opinion, not overly exciting). This color will be seen not only in fashion prints but also home interior textiles now through next Spring. 

The good news is, it mixes well with other colors and this year color combos for Spring are super fun!

Here is a complete list of the colors for Spring 2020 for the Fashion Industry...
Seeing these colors on a card swatch can be challenging to understand in terms of your Spring wardrobe so I am going to breakdown how we can utilize this list and find some really fun ideas for mixing up your wardrobe in a fresh new way! 

ONE trend you can expect to see in 2020 is CROCHET! 

This boho styling gives a 70's vibe to effortless spring/summer styles so it's no surprise this trend is continuing into 2020. 

TWO: Brushed Florals

I am particularly excited about this one because I feel like brushed florals (AKA: Watercolor Prints) have been on the scene for a few years but haven't been in the mainstream trend focus. 

I am hopeful to see more of this on the forefront of fashion this coming year because it is a personal fav of mine. Brushed florals bring an artistic touch to textiles that is super modern and feminine. 

THREE: Pops of Brights Like Tangerine, Scarlet & Pink

Brights are always great for Spring! I love the color Scarlet, which is the intense RED that is perfect for trips to Mexico or even just a great punch of color that will add some energy to your closet. 

Tangerine and pink is a FRESH combo that I am loving paired together for a BOLD statement for my more fashion forward friends. 

FOUR: Re-introduction of Pistachio Green (modified mint)

Remember back in 2013 when MINT was EVERYWHERE?!? I'm not I have yet recovered from all the chevron print in mint but I am ok with subtle Sage and Pistachio for 2020 as it feels more etherial and soft. Perfect for feminine Spring Prints. 

FIVE: Slides to Wedges...

This is what Runway shows are trending for shoes. IMO...nothing overly exciting or new. You can expect everything from Birkenstocks to Wedges with Espadrille details. 

Colors are earthy with pops of the fun brights here and there but in real life...it's always a safer bet to stick with tans, blacks and animal prints that are neutral in color. They pair with all the things.

If you can't get behind the Birkenstocks look of a slide, then go with something more sophisticated like a leather wrapped slide in Cognac.
SIX: Jewelry is going BIG! 

Lots of statement pieces but what I am loving most is the bigger, thick hoops in gold. Super fun and adds a subtle statement look without being over the top. 

Also colored beads and stones will be present which I love seeing because it just brightens up accessories for the lighter season ahead! 

Pearls and oversized chains are also trending. I think the chunky chains are a harder wear for everyday style but pearl accents maybe fun to play with. 

SEVEN: Warm Neutrals pair perfectly with Classic Blue

I saved this one for last because I feel as those this one is already very wearable but I am super excited to see warm neutral colors like light Cinnamon (AKA: Lark) and Ash. 

These warm neutrals help to ground the Classic Blue and makes for some fun color combos...
Sources for this article include but are not limited to: Elle.com, TheZoeReport.com, Glamour.com. 

To see a full list of resources head my Pinterest Spring 2020 board

And the FUN part is seeing what will translate into the boutique world! We have started some Spring buying which can be found in my VIP Group Page.

Ask to JOIN us in the VIP group & watch out for exclusive LIVES the week of February 4th when we travel to Las Vegas to view all the Spring Collections for "real life".

The BEST PART is we ask for your VOTE on what you want to see in the shop this Spring! So no matter what Pantone or the Catwalk may say...ultimately it's wearing what feels most authentic to who YOU are! 

I hope you enjoyed this insight into the research that I do to prep for the season ahead. I make sure to stay on top of the trends and translate them for real life...so you don't have to! 

Looking forward to helping you get dressed this Spring! 
XOXO, Shannon 
Your Personal Style Coach

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  • Chanel on

    Wow! Super excited for the fresh palette! I think I am most excited about the red- I’ve seen it in a couple things and the blue will be fun to pair with stuff too! The statement jewelry… should be fun, although that will be a tough one for me to completely embrace! The crochet might just be my fav!

  • Dorothy WAre on

    Oh yes.. always been a fan of mint. Will be looking for the pistachio spring things!!

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