The Clara Dress worn 3 ways + Versatility in your wardrobe

Here at Layered By Cake, I whole-heartedly believe in versatile pieces that can be leveraged for any occasion us busy mommas may need it for. So you won't find fancy dresses or lounge wear here {#sorrynotsorry}. What you will find in my shop are pieces you can use in many ways so you get the best bang for your buck while also keeping your style, on point!

As a busy momma myself, I need to feel good about me because I spend my days catering to what everyone else needs {i.e., my children, my husband, our community, friendships and of course the dog} so with all these amazing folks to help, cherish and love, it leaves little time to think about caring for myself. I notice one VERY important detail when I let my style/appearance start to fall to the waste side, everything else starts to slip too! Meaning, I'm not acting as the most beautiful, confident, energetic self, I can possible be. So I owe it to my family, friends and myself to strive to feel and look my best.

Which brings me to my point for this weeks topic, find pieces that make sense for your lifestyle and can be used in multiple ways for many occasions. I made a video this week showing you how The Clara Dress can be worn in 3 different ways. Its a knit dress that is comfortable, versatile and stylish. It has everything every modern busy woman needs!

So enjoy this video and be sure to share this post with another momma in need of a style refresh! Because friends don't let friends lose their style or confidence!



 Wishing you a stylish week, lovely!

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