5 Accessories That Will Make All Your Outfits Cute!

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We are on the brink of a NEW season which means it's time to re-assess your wardrobe and make sure you have the right pieces to create stylish looks without the hassle.

So this week, on the blog, it's all about ACCESSORIES!! When it comes to creating the perfect outfit, no outfit is complete without the "finishing touch" of the right accessories.

With most accessories, you add them at the last moment, right before you head out the door OR you completely forget them (but I have a BONUS TIP on that so READ UNTIL THE END!)...

But I am going to start with an accessory that actually goes on BEFORE you get dressed ( I have a valid reason, I promise..) 

With that said, every girl's number one MUST HAVE accessory is a SEAMLESS CAMI!! 

VERY IMPORTANT that you make this a priority in your wardrobe. Why? Because they SMOOTH YOU OUT, make you feel like a million bucks & add a sense of security to your overall look. 

Think of it like a "security blanket". Not matter how you feel about your body, a seamless cami will help you to feel confident in any Top, no matter the season! 

BONUS: These are great for transitional weather to add warmth but not too hot to wear during Spring and Summer under tops that may have low cut armholes or ones that show too much cleavage.  

Grab our Essential Babe Seamless Camis HERE!

Alright..so let's move on to what's TRENDING in accessories for 2020 that you will want to be on the lookout for...

NOTE: All these pieces will add major VERSATILITY to your wardrobe! #yourewelcome

Second on my list of amazing accessories to grab are MULTI-COLORED beads. Typically mixed with gold but can be found in a variety of styles. 

The BEST thing about this type of accessory is that you can draw OUTFIT INSPIRATION from the color combos in these pieces.

For example...you can wear this bracelet with any solid colored top & jeans for a quick pop of color when you need to pull together any outfit FAST! But you can also take from this color combo and find pieces in your wardrobe that are similar and pair them in NEW ways you may have never thought about before! 

So maybe you have a Cobalt Blue top and some mustard or rose colored flats. Pair those with your jeans & this cute bracelet to create a fun and unique look! 

Grab this Bracelet HERE! 

The next MUST HAVE accessory on my list is the 1 inch belt! Why 1 inch? Well, its probably the most versatile to go with a variety of denim styles, from mid-rise to High rise and Flared to skinny.  

Not to mention they come in a lot of colors! So you can stock up so you have another easy pop of color to add to more simple outfits. 

BONUS: My favorite is having some pop of metallic like this one we just brought into the shop (which is almost SOLD OUT!). Don't worry though...we plan to bring in more styles this year as the belt is definitely making a huge comeback! 

Shop this Belt HERE! 

Now this next one may seem kind of random but I am starting to see this shape of pendants and earrings (which I LOVE) pop up more and more from our vendors. 

No surprise this necklace SOLD OUT almost instantly in our VIP GROUP page but its one style to look out for this Spring and make sure you have some core pieces in your accessory line up for a quick statement piece that goes with ALL THE THINGS!  

 So one of the last things on my list for MUST HAVE accessories right now, is LAYERED NECKLACES!! This really isn't a NEW trend but we are starting to see it continue to emerge and change every season with more and more fun options! 

The main benefit with layered necklaces is that they pair very well with v and scoop neckline tops. They must be stored properly because they will tangle if not stored hanging (again, I will give you a PRO TIP on this at the end)

Another thing I LOVE about layered necklaces is the mix and match of beads, dainty charm shapes and different sizes in chain links (more on this coming soon!)

BONUS: You can DIY a layered necklace with a few different lengths in dainty necklaces that you may already own! 

Grab this already styled for you necklace HERE! 

These 5 types of accessories will be my go-to items for most of 2020! Feel free to join me in our VIP GROUP PAGE to see me LIVE every Thursday where I bring in NEW styles and show you HOW TO WEAR THEM!! 

Its so fun and my community of style friends is quite honestly the best kept fashion group on facebook! Join us HERE now! 

Ok, so one last thing I HAVE to mention...you MUST HANG your jewelry and make it VISIBLE or you will...

  1. Forget to use it
  2. Forget what you have and overbuy it
  3. Damage most items and hate your life when you try to untangle that mess! 

Get inspired on PINTEREST with our Jewelry Organization board & find a solution ASAP to make all your jewelry easy to find & easy to wear! 

SHARE your results in our group page! Can't wait to see how amazingly well you put together looks this Spring with these tips! 

Your Style Coach & Mom Friend

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