How to get out of your Style Rut in 4 easy steps

Stuck in a Style Rut? How can you be sure? Discover if you need to up your style game and how you can get out of your rut and slip on some fabulous!

Hey there beautiful! I wanted to talk to you about your style this week. It's sort of an emotional thing, style. It's who you are and what you want to say to the world. It may not seem like it reflects that much about you but take a moment to think about it. When you are exhausted and have worked a full week, are you not tempted to slip on those "slubby" clothes? And what are slubby clothes anyway? And why do we have them? Do they make you feel good when you have them on? Or are they just saying, "Hey there, I'm exhausted so I'm going to tell you that because I look like crap"?

Who has time for that? And really why would you want to be so rude to others around you? Slubby clothes make you feel SLUBBY! So here's how you know if your style rut is real life or if it's a one day event that will pass like a 24 hr flu...



Now there are a TON of other tell-tale signs to recognizes a style rut but I think this pretty much covers the overall feeling of it.

Now onto the good part...


I don't mean like basic tanks and underwear {Scary!}. I mean like that favorite striped tee or your favorite jeans. What pieces do you have on repeat, put them out of sight and out of mind for ONE WHOLE WEEK! Force yourself to use the other 80% of your closet and get to the core of why your stuck using the same pieces in your wardrobe. Then ask yourself what it is about the other 80% of your closet that you currently aren't wearing.

I will take a guess that you will discover one of these two things about your wardrobe:

1. You buy the exact same type of kind of clothes in the same color and same style.

2. You buy a good variety of clothes but under utilize their potential because you are afraid to mix it up or don't know how to.

Follow my STYLE CHALLENGE this week on Instagram for extra help and get entered to win $50 shop credit! Here's my day 1 post for the challenge...


Once you discover what is missing in your closet, you need to inspire yourself and find out what you really love that is current and fresh. Using Pinterest is a great way to get inspired. Follow me on Pinterest and see what looks I have that feel fresh and inspiring for you. Extra Credit: Invite me to your board of "wearable looks" and ask me any questions you may have.

My favorite pin on my Style board is this look with Marsala colored pants, lace and a sweet cargo jacket!

This is one thing that I think I even tend to overlook in my closet. I get in a hurry or I make an excuse that I am just working at home so I forego those glitzy items and jam on with my day. Then mid-day, I catch a glimpse in the mirror and realize my outfit is blah and boring! A scarf, bracelet or earrings can add just the right touch to any outfit and make it go from boring to inspiring! Try using bold colored or patterned accessorizes when you are rockin solids in your apparel. It gives your look a quick pop of color and a perfect way to stop wearing slubby clothes on less inspiring style days.

Bold lips make me happy! When I feel uninspired in my style, some bright pink lips make me smile more and feel crazy confident! Playing with your makeup routine can really help you out of a style rut. Changing your eye shadow out to a more season appropriate color can help too. Or watch a few makeup tutorials on youtube and find a new way to apply your eyeliner. I change my eye shadow every fall and spring just to give me a fresh new update on colors for the upcoming season. Its a great way to stay current with color trends too!


I hope this weeks post has inspired you to mix it up in your wardrobe and get out of your style rut! I hate feeling blah about my look. When that feeling creeps in, I get back to these 4 core steps and make a change so that I can feel amazing again! Let me know how this works for you.

Wishing you a stylish week!




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