Top 5 Colors for your Fall Wardrobe

  The Top 5 Colors that should be in your closet this fall!

    So glad you popped over to check out my blog this week. I want to start off by saying, this is by no means some die hard rule to live by. This is simply my opinion of what I have seen and experienced this year leading into fall. But lets just say that Pantone rocks! If you are unfamiliar with Pantone, just know that what they say GOES! So if you are late to the game, the Pantone color of the year is Marsala! It's a dreamy burgundy/wine color. But Marsala isn't the only color. Pantone releases a collection of colors that give a spirit or essence to the season ahead in fashion and home trends. I am always excited to see what Pantone will come up with next and see how the runway designers and brands interpret those colors into their new collections.

  This past trade show in August, was not entirely inspiring to me. But to be honest, I'm a spring girl so fall/winter collections have always been sort of luster lacking for me. I didn't see a lot of the Pantone influence in the brands that attended the show but I did a lot of of earthy neutrals which is right on point with what Pantone had predicted. So here are my top 5 colors that I think are totally on point and worth making a point to add to your closet this season....

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This classic grey is probably something  you already have in your closet, but I love the comfort of gray in winter season plus using it as your outerwear color makes for the perfect all season layering piece that pairs with most any color.

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Reflecting pond also thought of in my mind as a version of Navy. Navy has taken over my store ladies! I simply can't get enough of it! It's a more exciting neutral for me and I love to replace some normal "staple pieces" that I have in black and do them in Navy this year. So that black pump or sandal, try it in navy and see how much more exciting that can be.

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Yes, I felt a little obligated to include Marsala even though this really isn't my kind of color. What I do love about it, is the earthy feel it has. It has a soft warmth to it that makes this winters color palette as little more cozy. A definite need when looking at the cool neutrals of the season.

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Speaking of warmth... Dried Herb or as I like to call Khaki is the perfect way to ditch your everyday denim. I love this color in a pant or used to accessorize like in this handbag. Again the warmth is comforting and refreshing at the same time plus it looks killer with leopard print {wink, wink}.

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So there had to be a POP somewhere in this line up of colors and since I am a sucker for a pop of color, I saved the best for last. Biscay Bay or teal as I like to call it, makes the season bright. Its got a subtle cheeriness to it that makes the other fall colors jealous. At least in my mind it does:)

So what are your thoughts? Do you agree and are you seeing these colors pop up in stores? Maybe you don't take to much time to notice but after reading this post, I think you will start to see the influence Pantone has on the color that surrounds us daily.
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Enjoy the week ahead, my style friends!

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