3 ways Chambray tops can rock your style!

There is nothing I love more than my Chambray button up tops! What I love about them is the versatility and ease of style it gives you.

Chambray tops aren't new to the scene though. They first really started to get some major attention back in 2013. Not to say that is the beginning of this trend but it is certainly when it started getting some attention on the fashion blogs and style websites.

Hang on... Before I go any further, let me define the term Chambray. Chambray is the term for the type of fabric (a linen blend fabric that has two different colored threads, blue and white, woven within the weave) but it has been over used in the marketplace to describe a "style" or referred to as a "denim look". For the purpose of this blog post, I am referring to it as the style or look of Chambray and not so much the technical term. But if you have an actual Chambray fabric top, you will know the difference and come to appreciate how beautiful this fabric can be.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post...

Chambray tops can be worn in SO many wonderful ways. I want to share with you 3 different ways you can utilize this kind of top to give you some rockin' style! 


Worn over swimwear or sundresses and paired with hats and sandals.

Tucked into pencils skirts both solid and patterned and layered with a blazer. Love the scrunched sleeve!

Take the casual nature of this fabric and pair it with luxurious fabrics and bling. The faux leather pant is super chic while also layered semi-casually for fall.

 Clearly, tucked into a fab pencil skirt is one of my favorite ways to wear this top but layering it for fall is something I can't wait to start trying! Which look is your favorite? 


Wishing you all a very stylish week, friends!


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  • LOVING these looks, I even took screen shots of a couple of them to try to replicate!
    I will definitely be trying a chambray over a day dress while it’s still warm (OK, it’s still boiling outside haha!), as the top half of a denim-on-denim look with a blazer when it cools down, and under a sweater replacing my typical button-down for autumn and beyond. A chambray under a luxe knit sweater, paired with a pencil skirt, tights and booties = perfect winter look! Thanks for sharing, Shannon!

    • Kristin Taylor