Back to School Style for Mom

Now that the kids are back to school. How are you adjusting?
This was my first summer being home with my kids and let me tell you, it was rough! I have 2 little ones, 5 and under so my 18 month old was wrecking havoc on my house while my 5 year old was busy setting up her own boutique in my living room! Clearly, I was unprepared for this summers craziness but I made it through and I am thankful to have one child in school full time starting next week.

So it got me many of you are adjusting to the back to school routines and the changes that come with having the kids not lounging on the sofa? I am ready for some consistency in my life and definitely feeling the need for some fresh new style this fall! And I think it's safe to say that your kids look amazing in their new threads and backpacks but did you even have a chance to look at anything new for you?

My guess is probably not. And I can only imagine that your budget is limited after buying those cool new threads for the kiddos. So I have added some new styles to my Savvy Summer Sale and extended it a bit so you can enjoy the savings while I am slowly getting in the fall items.

Here's some of what you may have missed...

A great Daytime tote...$15!


The perfect summer to Fall Transition Sweater... $15!! {Imagine this one with your cut-offs and sandals then wear it with skinnies and ankle boots this fall}

A rockin' tank for layering, only $15... {Plus Blush tones are trending for fall! Double yay!}


Don't forget that layering camisoles are a MUST in any season for every modern gal! Only $9.99 and now available in light blue.

Add the most flattering jegging, again, only $15! And you are one styling momma for back to school on a budget.


Want more? How about FREE SHIPPING on all online orders $50 and up! Plus this Free shipping is here to stay! No coupon code needed.

Oh, and while your here, check out my newly added Styling Services tab! It's the most personalized styling service I can offer and you can book your next style party online now! {such an exciting upgrade for me}!

So let's get back to our routines of homework and early bedtimes {Amen!} all while staying under budget and feeling amazing about being the beautiful modern gals we are!

Wishing you an amazingly stylish week!

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