A story about a girl and her closet...

This Friday is my very first in store Workshop! It's happening from 11-3pm at my Styling Studio in San Bernardino.
I can't tell you how excited I am to be offering another amazing FREE resource for you all and to be honest, it's something I think you will really love!

Let me start with how this all came to fruition...
If you don't already know, I live in an older home that we have been thoughtfully renovating for the past 8 years and counting. We finally tackled our Master Closet and although its a work in progress, it was this renovation that completely inspired me to create this workshop. I thought many of you would probably have the same struggles as I have had with, not enough space, too many clothes that you don't wear and no idea on how to get it all under control. With 2 little kiddos at home, I needed my wardrobe to save me time in the morning and make me look effortlessly stylish without having to work at it.

So this brought me to my huge need and desire for re-organizing and completely tearing out my master closet. Before I go any further, take a look at the nightmare I was facing. (And yes, this is embarrassing for me to show you)

Sometimes you just have to air out some dirty laundry. And yes this is my closet at its very worst! It didn't always look this bad. But how stressed I feel just looking at this photo was only a fraction of the grief it caused me day in and day out. So I had to first get rid of a few things that were what I like to call "noise" in my closet. This "noise" was all of the items in my closet that I either had sentimental attachment to, office/work attire I was no longer needing, past styles/trends that were no longer me and many more items that didn't fit into my lifestyle the way I needed them to.

I did MAJOR editing. And it felt GOOD!

Next came demo time!

Don't you just love that brown shag carpet! We have been ripping that out one. room. at. a. time. Much to my dismay, as I would have ripped it all out the minute we moved in but time and money always dictate the progress of these kinds of upgrades.

Now it starts to get good folks...WALLPAPER!! I decided that the luxurious upgrade I had been craving for many years in my closet was wallpaper. Pay attention the next time you see an amazing closet and notice the lighting and wallpaper. It has some amazing effects.

I went with a linen look bone colored wallpaper. It has a silver metallic painted stripe which is hard to see but it reflects light into this dark space very nicely.

On to my husbands part. He took my sad little sketch of our cabinets and got right to work installing the organization we had been craving.

He does good work:)

And although these final photos aren't really our completed project, this is where we are in this project. We actually tore down the ceiling and walls in our connecting master bathroom. This is why I still have no floors or baseboard as it all has to be done at the same time. Plus I am still waiting for my hanging jewelry cabinet with mirror and my scarf and hat wall to go in. BUT in any case this is our dream closet in the making.

Through this experience I took my process and documented it for you to benefit from. At my upcoming workshop I will be sharing my Closet Clean Up Checklist, which is a 2 page document sharing a 4 step process to editing and organizing your closet for optimal dressing success! Additionally, I will be showing my newly adopting folding technique for the most organized drawers you have EVER seen.

I hope you can join me at my first FREE WORKSHOP {Wardrobe Refresh Workshop}. Click the link to RSVP YES to my event page on Facebook so we know you are ready to get your dream closet on the road to done!

If you can't attend, stay tuned for your opportunity to get the workshop information via email!

Thanks for stopping by this week! As always wishing you the most stylish week, loves!

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