Boho Chic for Moms

Kimonos, flares, fur and Fringe! Yes, it's true the 70's Boho Chic look is trending more than some of us would like.

So how do you know if this style works for your mom body? Many Boutiques and smaller retail chains will push trends on you the second you enter their store. And if you have been following me for a while you know that I tend to be "trend resistant". Because let's face it, just because it works on that 5'9 100 lb model doesn't mean it will be great for the rest of us.

So again, how do we know? How do we avoid being that mom that looks like she never left high school? Well, I'm here to help you out this week talking about Boho trends and what does and doesn't work for REAL women.

Now some of this probably isn't overly surprising for you but I hope that it gives you yet another step forward in your personal style journey. So let's get visual...

Ok, so any of this looking familiar?? Personally, as a mom, this all says, cute look but for the young college student in me.

What we can take away from this are the details that make up the Boho feeling. So think leather, lace and a little bit of fringe.

What we can do without is the bare mid-section, hippie headbands and anything too flowy that our children can get caught up in it (literally!).

Here is how I see Boho Chic for moms and real women!

What I love about this is the dress speaks for itself with a great bold print and a classic ankle boot makes this real women approved!

So denim is a HUGE part of the 70's/boho vibe so try a little denim on denim. I love a good Chambray button up. Flared jeans are on the rise but beware if you are under 5'5 in height. Find a petite cut jeans so the flare hits you at the right place. Not into flares? Try a boyfriend jean or even a denim skirt. Adding a belt breaks up the monochromatic feel a bit too.

Natural stones and earthy accessories can turn any shift dress into a boho dream without looking too young. Leather bracelets are also a great accent.

Just enough fringe to make it all feel pulled together but not sloppy. I love using the details on a bag or shoe to give an outfit just the right amount of a certain trend.

And lastly, take the structured "menswear" inspired aspect of the 70's to show off your shape! I personally do not think that anyone looks great drowning in too much fabric. It can make you look heavier than you are (unless you are a free-spirited college student). So stick to the structured pieces and feel good about your mom body. Afterall, we worked hard to have those babies and raise a good honest family. Don't get down about not being able to dress like a teeny bopper.
Your a woman and be proud of being in your prime!

Well, that's all for this week my style friends! I hope you feel inspired and ready to tackle something new for your wardrobe.


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