Ditch the iron and starting steaming your clothes!

Who irons anymore?? I mean, unless your husband has to have a pressed uniform for his job, I think irons have lost their cool in the last decade.
I remember my mom staying up all hours of the night doing laundry and pressing out all my fancy dresses (because I was that girl that wore formal clothes on a daily basis). Times have changed and we are becoming more focused on our families and spending quality time together and leaving the time consuming house duties details in the past.
Not to say we all live shabbily, but priorities have changed for the modern American family so things like ironing are not as important as they used to be. Plus many fabrics are now wrinkle resistant or can be hung dry and have no wrinkles right out of the wash. But I find that many clothes need that finally touch up to give your look a crisp fine detail. My trick?

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I think many of you are already familiar but it surprises me at how many of you don't own one!! And let me tell you why you won't be able to live without this gadget once you find the right one and the right way to use it!

First, how this gadget is a girl's best wardrobe friend! I dedicate a cubbie in my closet for my clothing steamer. And thanks to my wonderful husband, I also have a valet rod that pulls out from my closet cabinets so I can hang my outfit on the rod and steam each piece as needed.
I don't steam my clothes before they are put away. I prefer to steam them as I am ready to wear them. I know that's kind of silly but my steamer heats up in a few minutes so I get it turned on while I put my makeup on. Then steam/press my outfit and I'm ready to go!
You can also put your steamer in your laundry room if you process and fold there. As opposed to ironing this amazing gem takes all the wrinkles out within a minute! And I don't have to worry about waiting for the iron to cool and having to put my iron board and accessories away. You can do everything from take wrinkles out of a summer dress to pressing cuffs on your husbands dress shirts. I'm in no way endorsed by these companies to tell you all this information, it's simply many years of retail work experience using this machine and my own personal use in the store and at home.

Don't be intimidated just because it maybe something new to you. Even t-shirts look better when steamed. So do your research and follow these simple tips on how to steam a garment properly.

1. Many tutorials will say to place the steamer head on the outside of the garment and run vertically in sections down the garment. Well, I'm telling you, it works better and faster if you steam from the inside out. I will warn you that you can get steam burns and they hurt! {trust me on that one}. This is why the steamer companies don't recommend doing that because your chances of getting burned are higher and they don't want to be held liable.

2. Use the accessories that come with the steamer. Many don't know but seamstresses use padded tools to help with pressing seams properly. Well, guess what?!? Your steamer comes with something similar to help you get the most out of more formal pressing needs. I don't typically have a use for this but its good to know you have the options.

3. Need to buy some time in between dry cleaning, use your steamer to rid of body odor and freshen up your dry clean only garments. The steam rids of the bacteria that causes the odor so its a money saving machine as well {score!}




Now, which steamer is perfect for you?? Well that depends. And there are a lot to choose from. I have provided 3 examples (2 of which I own) just to illustrate the different price points and options that are out there.

Starting from left to right on the chart, the Jiffy Pro. This is the at home commercial version of clothing steamers. If you have a large family or will be doing some major steaming, this steamer is amazing! Its $294 on Amazon. The difference is it holds more water and has a metal steam head, which means it gets hotter. This is really my dream steamer, plus it comes in pink, which is always a bonus! Find it on Amazon, click here.

The Steamfast is what I currently use in the shop and I recommend to everyone! Its a great steamer that heats up in 45 seconds! It gets hot enough to get out most any wrinkle and it has a built in stand. Its not the most sturdy but you find ways to work around it. The better part, its only $69 bucks! Find it on Amazon, click here.

The last one, Conair Compact, is a small and inexpensive steamer that I started with and still have at home. I like that it is small and fits perfectly in the cubby in my closet for easy use. Its takes longer to heat up and has a tendency to have some water beadlets that form on the steamer head which will wet the clothes. (its not supposed to do that). But here again, I have had this $35 dollar steamer for about 5 years and its never failed me. So if you are looking for something to just touch up clothes when your running out the door, this is a great option! You can find this one at Walmart, click here.

Being a stylish savvy chick is hard work! But one tip/trick at a time and your well on your way to be the best dressed version of you!

Wishing you a stylish and wrinkle free week, my friends!


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