4 Ways to get Glowing Summer Skin!

Welcome to another amazing week here on my blog! This week I wanted to discuss your skin. This is a tricky subject for me because I have extremely FAIR skin. I mean like the kind of fair skin that I can feel burning within minutes of being outside. To be honest, I have always hated this about my body! When I was a kid, I remember watching my sister and her friends baking out in the summer sun for a few days and then like magic, they had this amazingly tanned glowing skin! I, on the other hand, could never seem to tan. Instead I burned, peeled and was miserable. Add to this, my minor skin conditions, like bumpy and rough skin. (Come to find out was a vitamin D deficiency!)

So fast forward a bit and I have tried EVERYTHING to get that beautiful summer glow. So here is my lifetime of trials and tribulations about getting a summer glow that made sense for my sun sensitive skin. (Please note: these are my personal opinions and experiences but everyone is a bit different so bare in mind you need to make the best decision for your skin and do your research about each option)


So here goes...

First things first, you MUST care for your skin no matter what sun tanning route you choose. Well prepped and cared for skin is the best place to start!

Exfoliating your skin in the bath or shower at least once a week is something that I HIGHLY recommend! I love Bath and Body Works products but you can use anything from homemade to department store. I have used all price points and qualities but found that they are all really made up of essentially the same ingredients. And really, to this day, my favorite was a homemade version that was given to me by a good friend. Here is a great homemade recipe if you want a little DIY skincare project.

You also need to hydrate your skin really well and consistently! You know how I mentioned that I had rough and bumpy skin (my upper arms and legs), well I had a dermatologist review my issue and he told me it was lack of vitamin D. The cure... go to a tanning salon once a week! No, I'm not joking. I'll discuss this in detail a little further down, but my poor daughter has the same issue. Taking a 5 year old to a tanning salon is NOT appropriate or necessary so I discovered Gold Bond Brand lotion. They have a cream for "rough and bumpy" skin and so far it is working really well for my daughter. Her arms were smoother within 2 days of applying the lotion twice per day. I personally use Ology Brand lotion, found at Walgreens. Its has a milk almond scent that I love and its chemical free. Most of my life I have used the cream from Bath and Body Works, which is also equally amazing.

So back to that tanning bed thing. This honestly is my trick every summer! And I know what you are going to say... Be careful, skin cancer, etc. Yes, I know. But I will tell you, if I go to the tanning bed once or twice a week before summer hits, I don't have to cover up my body like a nun or worry about sun blisters and the like. If you chose to go this route, make sure you research the tanning salon you are going to. They need to be on top of the maintenance and be very knowledgeable about the amount of time you should be in the beds. With super fair skin, I only tan for 5-7 minutes. Just enough to not be red but start to build some color. Again, do your research for your skin tone.

Here's a topic that makes me want to pull my hair out! With super fair skin, its easy to get uneven color and be orange! Major summer skin Faux pas! But luckily, the self tanner industry is getting REALLY good! They have honed in on the issues with at home tanning solutions. My favorite is Jergens Natural Glow skin Lotion. Its not really a self tanner but a bronzer of sorts and I find this lotion very hard to mess up! You apply it like a daily lotion and by day 3 or 4 you have a nice subtle golden bronze to your skin.

I also really like Loreal's Sublime Bronze Fine Mist Self Tanning spray. I get the lightest shade and I have a huge appreciation for how easy it is to apply by yourself. I feel like I can get a good, even coverage and it's fast to apply and dry. I can put my clothes on within minutes after applying it. I don't really like the scent of any self tanner I have tried so that is my only complaint here.

So you if you have hesitations to tanning beds, as many do these days, go check out their options for spray tans. I love spray tans for special events or right before a vacation and you want to look like you have been working on that tan all summer. You have to pre-plan to find the right salon with a skilled person to hand spray you. NEVER do a spray booth, EVER! They are reasonable priced at around $25 and sometimes salons run specials if you buy more than one session. They last about 2 weeks but your skin could not look anymore amazing than with a spray tan. So that's why I recommend it when you need your skin to look absolutely flawless. I personally use Sunsational Tanning Salon in Beaumont. Annie is the BEST at spray tans and I wouldn't trust it to anyone else.



Getting into great habits of self care is important. It not only makes you feel refreshed, its makes you glow from the inside out!

Have an questions or comment about this post? Comment below! Look forward to hearing from you and as always, have a stylish week!


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