5 Tips to Stay Stylish in 100 Degree Heat!

It's HOT here in Southern California. We are at the beginning of the scorching 100+ degree weather. And when it's that hot out, all you can do is try to stay inside and stay hydrated. But don't give up on your style! Here's a few tips I have pulled together for you to stay on top of your style when you have to bare the heat.

If you haven't already, stock up on basic fitted tees and tanks. Having great foundation/layering pieces will not only help to keep you cool but it keeps your summer style in check too. Try pairing your basics with printed bottoms, like shorts and skirts. I am all about a simple graphic tee or tank too!{You can check out my handpicked selection here}

I love the over sized tees for this kind of weather because they are extra breezy and forgiving on the shape too. So if you are having a self conscience tummy day or your just not feeling like a form fitted outfit, this kind of tee will come to the rescue. (Style Tip: Keep it slim on bottom with over sized tees. Balancing out proportions is always key.)

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Summer Dresses are great! I am obsessing over A-line dresses right now but also shift dresses can be amazingly modest but stylish and cool! What more can you ask for?! Plus summer dresses come in a variety of prints and colors that are infectiously happy. Add a light gold or silver dainty necklace and some sandals {done and done!} {Shop my handpicked dress collection here}

I also mentioned cut-offs because not only did I talk about this last week, here on the blog, but I am getting some amazingly great use of my DIY cut-offs. Much to my surprise! I love the longer version cut-off in the white jeans, because I can put those with a flowy printed blouse and feel stylish and cool. Plus I am not a huge fan of showing off my legs and I know many of my clients are not big on that either. So an at the knee denim cut-off is perfect!

{Image source and the BEST Umbrella DIY Tutorial here}

By "portable shade" I mean 2 things. Hats and umbrellas. Typically, you wouldn't think to carry an umbrella for summer but let me tell you, if you have fair skin or have kids as white as mine, you can't live without an umbrella. Find a fun print anywhere from Target to Kate Spade or make your own by clicking that link up there. {my next DIY project, wink, wink} I love a good quirky citrus print or polka dots for umbrellas. They seem more fun and appropriate for hot summer days. Just keep it in the car so you always have it with you if you get stuck outside in the heat unexpectedly. 

Big Brimmed hats are also perfectly chic but fedoras and panama hats are also very "of the season" when it comes to staying stylish on scorching hot days.

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The only way to go when its super hot out is light! This applies to your makeup application. I switch out my normal foundation for a tinted moisturizers/sunscreen and spot treat imperfections with my concealer. Then dust it all lightly with a loose powder to secure it in place. I go light on my eye shadow too but never leave home without lip gloss and mascara! 

Lastly, with all the fun to be had in the summertime and preparations needed to stay cool, its essential to pack it all in a nice size bag. So in the summer, I upgrade to a canvas bag. Something fun and printed or in my favorite solid color.

Hopefully these tips will get you thinking a little differently about how you dress on those unbearably hot summer days. Just remember to keep it light on all fronts from makeup to accessories and try to stick to natural fabrics like cotton and cotton blends are great too!

Wishing you all a very stylish week!

With Faith and Passion,

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