Pampering yourself on a budget

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Ah, spa day! We don't get enough of those but there are ways to stay relaxed and still pamper yourself in between visits all while keeping your wallet happy.

One of my favorites ways to feel amazing without spending a dime is an at home manicure! A bottle of new nail polish and some cuticle remover and your all set. This may sound ridiculous but I do my at-home manicures at night, after the kiddos go to bed. Wine is usually in attendance at this soiree, but do the drinking while the polish is drying, lol! I love the peace and quiet plus I get to focus in on making me feel better about me.

It may seem over-rated but trust me, old favorites are hard to beat! Soak it up in the bath or do a foot soak. If you spend long hours on your feet, nothing is better that soaking your feet in a tub of warm water and essential oils. Here is a great article on DIY spa days at home if you can't get to the salon.

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If you are strategic about it, plan out your pampering days and budget for them. YOUR WORTH IT! Something I told my husband two weeks before our wedding...I NEVER miss my hair appointments! Ever! So I told him when calculating the household budget, plan on my hair expense every 7 weeks. Getting my hair done is my priority so I do at home manicures more often and only visit the nail salon every other month or sometimes only every 6 months! I also do an hour and a half facial every 6 months. My spa gal is amazing and she gives an amazing massage with the facial so its the best of both worlds for me. I LOVE the way my skin feels after my appointment and I pencil that in for the whole day so I can go relax after my facial. So, so important to do this and get the maximum benefits from your facial (plus drink lots of water before and after).

If it's not on my calendar, it doesn't happen. So just like marking the kids birthdays and other important events, pencil in a night out with your besties or a date night with hubbie. I also like to just schedule time for me, alone! I know sounds crazy but it's nice to be alone with your own thoughts and just catch up on something you haven't had time to do. So maybe read that book you wanted to or catch up on your favorite show. You time IS important! So make it happen!


Whatever, your pampering priorities, it's important to make sure it happens. We think better, become better business women and caregivers and homemakers. Take care of you no matter what your budget may dictate.


Wishing you a beautiful week my friends! 

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