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We are ALL busy! Busy moms, busy career women, busy caretakers, busy being fabulous and taking care of all those who depend on us everyday.

This is actually the core of why I started an online boutique. Ok, I know, there are A LOT of online boutiques! But why is it that it can be so hard to find cute clothes that aren't too young or too Coldwater Creek or too generic? When I was working my desk job just last year, I shopped online because I had no time for getting out to the mall. And when I did get to the mall, it was with children in tow. Now that can kill a shopping experience, two children whining and a huge stroller with bags falling off your shoulders and people commenting in the store "Wow, you have your hands full". I always think in my head, "Really?!?, then grab a kid or bag and freakin' help me or don't say anything at all!" (Sorry,a little bit of a mommy issue coming out there)

Anyhow, You get my point. BUSY.

Wine, lots of wine and some quiet time:) Many online shops now include measurements right in the product description but what do you do with those measurements? Today, I am going to help take out some of the struggle with finding the right fit without having to try on. 

First, get to know your body. So pop on a camisole and some leggings. Then grab a soft measuring tape (used for sewing). I would take your measurements in front of a mirror to ensure accuracy.

Now open up a note on your phone and jot down your digits so you always have your measurements right with you.

Your most important measurements to take are bust, waist, hips and inseam. If you have any specific fit issues like sleeve lengths then take those measurements too. But for today, Ill show how to take the most essentials ones.

BUST: The widest part of your chest. Wrap the tape around your chest at the widest point with your bra on. You will probably be somewhere between 31 and 42 inches on this measurement.

WAIST: The smallest part of your body. Find your natural waistline measurement somewhere in between the bottom of your ribcage and belly button. Or simply bend your torso to find where your waist is.

HIPS: The fullest part of your body or approximately 7 inches down from your belly button. Wrap the tape around your hips at this point to find the right number.

INSEAM: Hold the tape at the top of your inner thigh (yes, inside of your leg, not the outside) and measure straight down to the bottom of your ankle bone. Depending on the kind of pant you are buying will depend on where you measure too but the bottom of your ankle bone should be perfect for straight or boot cut denim. A skinny jean or pant your may want a little shorter length.

(NOTE: If you are 5'4 and under, you are considered petite in the fashion world. Keep this in mind when shopping online. You will have to pay close attention to lengths of sleeves, dress & skirt hems and pant hems.)

Here's a beautifully done chart from She did a blog post on this same subject a few years ago and her chart illustrates it perfectly!

Once you have your measurements all written down you can start the online shopping adventure! I also include fabric content on most of my product descriptions so you know whether or not the fabric will stretch or how it will hang. If you are unfamiliar with types of fabrics, grab your favorite items in your closet and look at the tags. Most items now are a blend of polyester or rayon with a touch of spandex. The spandex adds some stretch to fit more comfortably and fit many different body shapes.

Lastly, if you need more personal help with determining styles that will work for you, look in your closet. Think about the pieces you wear a lot and feel amazing in. What is it about those items (fit wise) that work for you? And look for similar cuts and fabrics when shopping online.

And here's some great news...

My amazing intern, has been going through all of my inventory to add in accurate measurements to each product description. If we have missed one or you have questions or need a specific measurement, don't hesitate to ask! We are here to help. I hope the online shopping experience for both my store and others is easier for you to find the perfect item without having to try on.

With Faith & Passion,

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