Making the cut {haircut that is} and why I'm never going back!

Your style is not just what you layer yourself in. It's an all encompassing experience. And personally, if my hair and makeup are not put together, MY STYLE IS LOST!


So today, I'm writing all about how finding your style is not just in your clothes. It's in the way you put yourself together, everyday. The staples of who you are and what you want to say in your style story.


It was about a month before my son was born and I decided to CHOP IT OFF! Yes, my hair!! Into the world of Pixie cuts I went and I am never going back! I made the decision simply based on prior experience of having a newborn once before and feeling completely helpless about my style. I was having a hard time just figuring out this new little person in my life, let alone trying to feel good about my style. It seemed silly at the time to worry about my look when I was busy learning how to be a mom for the first time. So when it came time for baby #2, I knew that I needed to be a little more prepared. I mean, after all, I saw new moms all the time looking amazing! A feeling that I never felt after the birth of my first child.

Going short was perfect for me because I needed something simple, easy to maintain and style ready in a few minutes. Now, I spend less time worrying about what I am doing with my style because my hair and makeup routines are set. Every morning, its an automated process that I don't have to think about! And being a busy mom, it's VERY important to feel good about me and spend little time doing it!

I am not trying to tell you to chop off your hair simple because it worked for me. I'm sharing my story about my style discovery to help you think differently about your style or lack there of. I had to change my look to accommodate my busy lifestyle. Take a moment to think about what your lifestyle needs are, both in wardrobe and in hair and makeup routines, then start looking for something that works for you! Here are some photos that inspired me to,

When you hit the salon, make sure you are prepared with photos of color and cut examples of what it is that you need. For me, I get bored quickly. So I have the same cut but I play with the color to keep it interesting. And it definitely gets attention! Everyone knows me because of my ever-changing hair color:)

So I have a question for you this week.

Classic, chic, fun, sophisticated? Curate your style just like anything else. When you go to buy linens for your bathroom, you usually have a style or color in mind, right? Or maybe you were inspired by a bathroom photo you saw and are making it tailored to your needs in your own home. So apply those same skills to your personal grooming habits and style selection. Most importantly, choose something that really speaks to you! Because if you choose something that doesn't make your heart happy, it won't work for you.

I hope this week, I have left you with some inspiring new ways to think about how you style yourself everyday. In the words of Jean Cocteau...

So simplify the process and start with your needs. The rest is ingrained in WHO YOU ARE.

With Faith and Passion,

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