Pack like a pro for your Weekend Getaway!

I don't know about you, but this sunshine makes me want to hit the road and discover something new, something exciting and fresh!

A week long vacation, involves packing up kids, airports and lots of funds that just don't come around often enough. I happen to be a lover of the Living Social social app to find fun local little getaways that are totally budget friendly! Pack some snacks in the cooler and your off to a new adventure that isn't time consuming or overwhelming.

When the moment arises, you need to be ready to pack up a bag (yes, only 1) and look perfectly amazingly styled! Because let's face it, when you dream about a road trip or something exciting, don't you always envision yourself looking perfectly amazing in the right dress or perfectly distressed jeans? I know I sure do! And if my bag has disappointing options when I arrive, it really does kill my mood for my trip. Its the icing on the cake to meet new people and have them appreciate your well-curated style!

So here's my packing tips that ensure I always looks great and travel in style without looking like I tried too hard. First, ask yourself...

Plan your bag according to the scenery. So, if you are going to a lush and green destination that has you hiking trails make sure you pack the appropriate footwear. But how do you make hiking look cute? There are many ways to get creative here but cover the functional needs first! Safety and comfort are always top priority when hoping on the road for the weekend.

What do I mean when I say, style vision? Hop on Pinterest, duh! I love Pinterest! Beautiful images to inspire you to look and live the life you have always desired. So create a board for your trip. It only takes a spare second and search your destination name or something similar for outfitting ideas. Pin a few things and get to work in your closet to pick  out pieces based on your inspiration photos (it doesn't have to be exact!) The point is to pack from your own closet quickly not create a whole new shopping list for your ideal wardrobe. Although a quick stop for, say, some new sandals on the way out of town is totally acceptable. You know you need a new bottle of sunscreen anyways (wink, wink)


You MUST find pieces that can be use for multiple days. So pack one pair of jeans and a casual graphic tee with sun hat. Then take those same jeans and pack a dressy top with heels for a dressy dinner look.

Here is a quick snapshot of what I'm discussing here. You would pick the jeggings and the striped red skirt (2 bottoms is more than enough!), then pick a few easy to pack tops that you can intermix. All of these pieces can be mixed in different ways to create plenty of stylish options for whatever you are doing. But don't forget a good scarf and a few other accessories to complete your looks.

Breathe it all in and fall in love with your amazingly beautiful life, because life is meant for amazing moments to happen all the time! You just have to step back and appreciate them when they present themselves.

I hope you enjoyed this week's post. Check back next Monday for another inspiring topic to help you live the life you have always desired!

With Faith and Passion,

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