Let's talk about your style in relation to "Trends"

Do you watch the trends? I don't typically either. Ok, I would be lying if I said I didn't, but let me explain why I don't use the word "trendy" in my shop.
Fad! Now there's a word that does nothing for me. Its tells me that you can waste a ton of money on clothes that will be in and out in a nano second!

So something I look for when hand selecting the apparel for my shop, is lasting, comfortable and flattering pieces that you will love for at least 5 years. Because yes, the styles, colors, cuts will change but you have pieces that stay in your closet for years until you are ready for a closet refresh. Style is an ongoing process that changes with your lifestyle, your kids lifestyle, your career, etc.
Trends come and go very quickly! Some are worth paying attention to and others are, well, just a waste of time, money and visual energy. Think about what your lifestyle needs are from everything to practical, personal and desirable. If you aren't sure what you are looking for with your style, that's when its time to get inspired! Use Pinterest as your virtual style tool and start pinning inspiration to a board filled with the lifestyle you desire. Then review it and find the commonalities in what you pinned. Your style inspiration will reveal itself to you with a little organization and critical thinking.
Looking forward to another Stylish week ahead!

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