Keeping the Magic: 5 Date Nights that Spark!

With all the craziness that comes with having a family, its so easy to lose sight of your other half. That person that made you want to have a family in the first place.
I know when I met my husband, I was not even slightly interested in having kids. I was focused on my career and trying to become financially secure. Even though I am still that same person today, my husband was the man that evoked a passion in me that no one else will ever be able to do.

So our children are here and we are just trying to survive and cherish everyday we can. Its tough being parents. One of the biggest challenges I have ever endured. And trying to keep up with your marriage in the mix of all of it, is even more challenging. So I thought about some of the things my husband and I enjoyed doing before kids to inspire this list and motivate myself as well to plan DATE NIGHTS! The fact that I even have to plan this sort of stuff is crazy to me but months go by and you realize, you have spent ZERO time with your spouse.

Here are some ideas that I gathered together to help inspire you for date night success. My top 5 ideas on what to do and plan for so you don't lose sight of the person that makes you feel whole.

My number one favorite

There is nothing more romantic to me than sitting out in the back, enjoying a fire and roasting marshmallows with my love. We grab the baby monitor and go out after the kids are in bed. Sometimes we take the ipad out to catch up on our favorite show or watch an "adult" movie that we can't watch with the kiddos.

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Second, and I haven't done this yet but I love the idea...

How fun to plan a night out around the movie you are seeing! So if you go to see an adventure film that takes place in Paris, go out to a French restaurant and then see the movie. Maybe even dress the part too! You can take this idea as far as you want. This is also a great night at home, where you can cook the meal together and set the table to feel like you are out.

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Number Three,

Seems like an ordinary idea, right? But think about it... What music did you enjoy listening to when you met your spouse? Finding tickets to a concert that will play the music that brought you two together will make you evoke those dating vibes all over again!


Number four,

Yep, I said it! We love Disneyland! And we are local to the Anaheim Disneyland so its a nice local escape. We don't always have the money for an evening Disney trip, however, Downtown Disney is just as magical! I almost like it better for an evening experience. If you have season passes to Disney, definitely do California Adventure. You can walk around with alcohol:) SO my kind of Disneyland!
And if you aren't nearby an adventure park, visit your local outdoor shopping mall or outdoor destination for food, drinks and just a good atmosphere.

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Lastly, but definitely a very important one...

You may have to plan a little or save up but this is a must for my husband and I. We love spending the day together at a local spa. We both own our own businesses so the relaxing day is always much needed. Plus we always enjoy the drive to and from the spa, where we just get to talk! My almost 5 year old, is always taking over the conversation in the car so some alone time just to drive without kids in the car is somehow magical in itself.

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I hope this little list has sparked some date night fun for you and your other half. It really is very important to stay focused on that other person and what brought you together in the first place. Keep the magic and be in love with one another! Besides, that is how this crazy, wonderful, life all began anyways, right? I mean, my husband, makes me feel whole. Its a part you should cherish as often as possible.

Wishing you a stylish and love filled week!

With Faith and Passion,


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