5 Tips on how to find the perfect swimsuit

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It's getting closer ladies... Swimsuit season!


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We all do our best to prepare for it but it sneaks up on you like a bad habit. And I am not writing this so you can find the perfect swimsuit for your dream body. This is all about finding a suit that fits who you are now, in any shape or size, because, let me tell you...


I know you think I'm kidding but its the absolute truth that you can find a swimsuit that you feel confident, sexy and stylish in. I want to share a few tips that I picked up from Susan Redstone's book "A month by month Guide to Shopping and Style: Just try it on!" and a few tips of my own, on how to scout out that perfect swimsuit, suited just for you!

Tip #1 The sooner, the better!

April is the perfect month to start your search for bathing suits. Why? Because all retailers have the best selection of swimwear NOW! Get out and start shopping when the racks are full so you have the best selection to choose from.

Tip #2 Take some advice from your intimates drawer.

Chances are you know which cut of underwear or bra fits you best. So take a look through your lingerie drawer and make note of the styles and cuts that are your favorite. Swimwear is designed in the same fashion as lingerie. So be a step ahead of the game by knowing what shapes and cuts suits you best.

Tip #3 Groom as needed before hitting the fitting room

This includes making sure you go swimwear shopping with the intent to try on swimwear. So rub on some self tanner, do you hair and makeup and shave as necessary. All these tiny details give you less opportunity to be overly critical of yourself and make the shopping experience a little less painful.

Tip #4 Take Notes

In your search for that perfect swimsuit, you absolutely MUST TRY IT ON!! This is a non-negotiable. It may seem silly to state that, but you must try on and try on and try on, until the truth about your swimsuit harmony is revealed to you. What do I mean about "swimsuit harmony"?  I believe that if you are aware of what you are trying on and taking notes on what looks good and what doesn't, your, what I like to call, "fit harmony" will be revealed. So when you are trying on all the styles in the store, pay attention to what colors, cuts, and styles look good and what doesn't. Keep a note in your phone or snap a photo to review later. The more aware you are of what looks good on your body type, the less painful clothes shopping will become.

Sorry I got a bit off topic there but I felt it relevant to this subject. You really need to know your body and what makes you look and feel fabulous. The key to great fashion is having the right fit for you!

Back to my list here... lastly,

Tip #5 Be Patient and don't give up!

Swimwear is extremely personal. Its the closest to being naked in public as you can get so the hunt for the perfect swimsuit may not happen right away. Don't be discouraged about continuing to try on, even if you have tried 50 different bathing suits, you must not give up. It is out there waiting for you to look fabulous in!

I wish you the best of luck in your search. I personally, had to go 3 separate times to find the suit that made me feel amazing. One of which I bought a suit and my husband told me in very few words that it wasn't the one! But I persevered and found my swimsuit harmony and I know you can too, beautiful!

With Faith and Passion,



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