What to wear: 3 Days at a Music Festival

So here in sunny Southern California, we have 2 HUGE Music Festivals that happen in April out in the desert near Palm Springs. You have probably heard of one or both of them even if you aren't local to this area. Thousands upon thousands of people flood into our towns for these weekend festivals to see their favorite artists and party the weekend away. It's typically outrageously hot this time of year in the desert with temps hitting in the 90's and even 100 degrees plus. So the young and not so young usually take the opportunity to dress as scantly clad as humanly possible whether they have the body for it or not. I will admit it is extremely entertaining for someone such as myself to see drunk people, half dressed and making complete fools of themselves.

BUT the music always prevails! My husband and I are country music fans so we never like to miss Stagecoach. This year Blake and Miranda will be there and sadly, we will not. But for those of you that are attending either Coachella (rock concert) or Stagecoach (Country Concert), here's a few tips for us more sophisticated ladies on how to dress appropriately for such an event.

First, you must be prepared for the elements. Your number priority is a HAT! And in my opinion, the bigger the brim, the better! For Coachella, a felt wide brim floppy hat and for Stagecoach, either cowboy or a wide brimmed straw hat.

Second, the perfect sundress. What makes a sundress perfect? Fit, function and fabric. So what I mean is the fit should be flattering and comfortable. It needs to be functional, in that you can stand, sit and dance in it. And the fabric must be breathable and lightweight. A pair of lightweight ponte pants and a flowy top are also great for the main event on the last night. Trust me, by Day 3 you are sleeping in and waiting for the hot sun to go down before you grab your party clothes.

Next, you will need a light layering piece. For this, honestly, kimonos are the hot item to rock at any concert these days. I don't care if you are seeing Fleetwood Mac or Florence and the Machine, Kimonos are the best way to go. They are light but gives you some protection from sun and a little bit of warmth in the evening. Plus they pack well.

Lastly, Flats, definitely flats. Because of all the walking in dirt, grass and who knows what else, make sure you have shoes that you can walk in, even while intoxicated. With the heat for festivals like ours, I am always shying away from boots but they sure keep your feet clean from all the madness. So low cut boots that are breathable or even a cute sneaker you don't mind getting a little dirty, should fit the need for function and style.

As far as accessories go, try metallic tattoos. You don't want to risk losing an expensive piece of jewelry amidst all the fun. Plus these glittery jewelry stickers last up to 5 days and make a great conversation starter.

Rock your weekend in style with these 3 outfits!

As with any of these types of large venues, have fun, stay safe and stay hydrated!

Wishing you a stylish week!

With Faith and Passion,


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